[release][tab]Name:[/tab] GM_DevBuild_v1

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] A simple build map. My first ever map created.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] None

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

Hello everyone at Facepunch! I have finally released my first ever map. Please review and rate it! I hope everyone likes it and I might release another version soon witch will be better! Here Are Some Screenshots bellow I’ll add more later!


**Its The Only Screenshot I Got At The Moment.

I Accept Any Comments And Reviews.

Looks horrible, walls are stupidly tall, don’t do a dev themed map unless you can actually make it look good, your walls seem to thin, lighting isn’t done very well, you have no light sources, just the entities. “It’s my first map” is not an excuse before you say it.

#1 Well what would be the right sizes for a wall.
#2 What would you recommend for lighting?

I am seconds from posting a thread entitled “if it has “build” in the title, don’t bother to post it”.

Please, too many build maps mean that this theme is saturated. The idea of a flat map is dull and overused, and the fact that you used dev textures means that it looks even more common.

Please…come up with better ideas for maps. I have created two build maps in my time, one had a massive spaceship hovering above it, and the other was underwater. There are niches out there ready for people to fill, if people can be bothered to use their imagination.

Rant over…until that time comes where the op uses one of the many excuses they usually do.

Did you ever release them? They sound interesting.

On topic: My advice is to be more original. Try adding a easter egg scripted sequence in future, like four Combine Dropships ‘taking the map over’ with soldiers. Or add a lake/river.

Of course:

Sunken and descent.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I am saddened to see square cliffs and heavy repeating textures.

At least his ideas were original. :slight_smile: He might not have been as good as he is now when he made it.

Never release your first map.
Sorry but it’s just not a good idea, lest you be cut down in your prime.
Also it could do with more screenshots.

Should have seen planetfall v1 :slight_smile:

Still, before I saw your released maps, I thought you were a great mapper. Now…well…

There is more to mapping that just making them pretty. And, to be fair, i haven’t released a map in quite some time. I think the most recent is the blizzard map i made for the post apoc comp…that’s the one with almost 666 downloads (come on people, just three more). Although i was quite pleased with how sanctuary came out.

I know i can be better, and in a way i am. Mainly because i think outside the box. Anyway, you won’t see me release anything for a very long time now, i’m starting full work on my pet udk project mentioned briefly in my blog.

A good critic doesn’t have to be a good artist though. They are separate skills. What is important is knowing what you are talking about.