Basically I just messed around with arches and this happened. I’m going to be out of the country for a while and wont have time to work on this, so I figured I’d release it as it is instead of just letting it rot in my hard drive. Theres probably a lot of things that could be improved, so I’m giving you the vmf so you can do it yourself.
The real map isnt as dark as these screenshots.


an all brushwork cathedral (whyyyyyy)
a cool skybox from I dont know where
awesome color correction!!!1111 that doesnt work with garrysmod
custom textures packed in thar
a crypt
plus a whole lot more!

actually not really

Why not?

Also the blue is horrible.

That’s awfully dark.

If someone can improve upon this map, then it has my download for sure.

My eyes are full of fuck from the darkness.

Too dark and too blue, otherwise I would like it.

I couldnt get the color correction to work in garrysmod. Its NOT dark and blue anymore.

I tried to edit the map and add new textures for use in a Gmod pose. Didn’t work.

Where is the cathedral in Hammer, and why can’t I find it? I was floating right over where it should have been and I saw nothing but empty space.