Somebody said “Please Don’t Release Your First Map, its embarassing” well, this is not my first map but my first release : )

I made this map for offroad cars, tanks and boats

Nice Lightning/Reflections/Many Cubemaps
Obstacle Course Road
Desert Area
Big Flatgrass Area
Water Area
Building Room

DOWNLOAD, Feel free to suggest/comment

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Looks alright for a second map, most first maps are shit, but the second maps from the same guys are usually still nooby, but at the same time aren’t just boxes with a gman and some props.

Well I don’t see anything special about this map. You should add something interesting.

i know theres nothing special but i’m trying the map keep clean and less laggy, so people could build peacefully, blocky brushes are less laggy too for sandbox :slight_smile:

just like flatgrass map, tell garry whats special in gm_flatgrass, if u want detailed map, dont play sandbox games

I lol’d :v:

I like detailed maps, and i know lots of others who enjoy it too. Like the freespace maps where there are space and still details, which doesn’t make the map boring to play. Your map on the other hand, gets boring really fast.

And gm_flatgrass, well it is a standard map in garrysmod, and people then don’t have to download it to play.

I think the lighting could use some work and it could use a better skybox. but thats yust me

I suggest you remove the sand ‘edges’ and either make a skybox with endless water, fog to cover the edges, or just a big “STAY THE FUCK AWAY, THERE ARE BEARS HERE” sign.

tnx, i’m gonna watch some tutorial for making some fogs, and gonna practice to put some buildings