This map is a almost accurate reconstruction of the popular Medal Of Honor Allied Assault , that has been made as accurate as possible with the possible props and textures. this is a great Deathmatch map or Team deathmatch , good for a load of people at once. this map features:

  • accurate reconstruction
  • info_node layout to help npc’s around the map
  • Moh style so few props , less lag especially with DM

i am going to recreate a number of maps from classic games, starting with one more MOH:AA map.
Please contact me ( xfire:kennyist steam:cornishkid1) if you have suggestions , bugs or more.



video uploading

Blocky as hell, not to mention i see no detail on the roofs it’s the same generic texture over and over. and the textures seem quite repetitive on the walls. plus why on earth are there cables randomly coming out of the walls? use some decals for details, overlays too. give the ground a little bit of a more realistic feel, maybe some trash. maybe a little elevation to it too? I haven’t played the original map, it’s not bad just work on the above.

there are mainly no props like that to keep to the MOH style of the orginal map. the textures are repetitive like the orginal and are the closest i could get to them. i am makeing a more detailed version for non DM , since the GMDM mode lags qute a bit with loads of props around and constant explosions you get from the weapons.

If you make it lower quality because of lag no one is gonna want to play it. people don’t enjoy playing lower quality maps. i downloaded the map and even a bad computer can take alot more punishment, so add detail, i googled some pictures of the original and your missing many key points that add to the effect. in my opinion try looking for a different exterior texture, you’re right textures do repeat in the original but look for a less annoying one

From what I see its not bad, infact is above ok.

But Polaco is right.

does this look better?

its an awsome map its absolutly well balanced anyone that says otherwise is a dumb ass and dosnt know what there talkin about 5/5


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There is no point in making remakes of maps for source unless you bring it up to the level of detail that source can handle.

its not about the graphics its about weather its user freindly

its still V1 btw , forgot to say that before. i am adding more detail.

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