Gm_Shack 2 is a house like Japanese have thing called Dojo.
Dojo is a small like training place/house where people are training.
This map has no light_env. It uses only light bulbs.

** Features **

*Custom Textures only!
*Wonderful and quet place
*Has fishies in garden!
*HDR lighting!
*Has 2 Ninja Swords! (look in credits)
*Has torches as lighting source!
*Beautiful Skybox! (look in credits)

** Download **

** Installation **

Extract files from archive into

X:/Program FIles/Steam/SteamApps/{username}/garrysmod/garrysmod
X=Your drive letter!
WARNING! For each user his steam might be installed in other folders!

It should ask you for replace, if it doesn’t then you did something wrong.


Garry’s Mod 10
A bit of brain.

** Credits **

(ME) [DeV2]arleitiss
Mrsniper (for sword models)
komaokc (for creating so nice skyboxes)

** Screens **


Look Great :slight_smile:

Sorry , I forgot, can mod move this to release section? please!

The grass looks a bit stretched… but other than that its great :smiley:

I never seen something like this

Its looks kinda wierd but at the same time very good!

I like the textures but the displacements are square.

The dirt/sand is too flat, try using paint geometry to match it up with the texture’s curves. The torches are too blocky and the glass has too much of a flare. Other than that, a pretty good map.

Makes me quadratick-sick XD, please, make rounded sticks at bottom of fire holders ^^ thanks :slight_smile: / If need help, pm me, i may help u :slight_smile:

Thanks but, I believe that best way to learn is to practice on your own.

The displacements make me >:O

Nice map, good to relax on.
The only thing that bothers me is that the islands are a bit too square, if you make them a bit more circular it would look a lot better.

Better yet, a random-ish organic blob shape. But that might be too much work.

Looks great, but it needs Chinese Dragon statues to set the mood.
Hell. Just throw in a temple. :smugdog:

looks really nice, but seems like the interior of the dojo is kinda bright.

Upload this to please, FileFront sucks.

I know you said that it won’t let you upload files, but it’s worth trying again. It works fine for me.

Well I usually press upload it’s uploading for 20 min and then just closes window automatically and nothing is uploaded.

I like it, but it looks real blocky…

If you come out with a better, less blockier version, then you have my download.

The grass looks pretty dumb and it’s overall blocky but I love the lights!

can i use this in my rp map il give you 50% credit

yes you can