EDIT: New update to this map (mk1-91), the post regarding this can be found by clicking this text :slight_smile:

Whats that? wheres 1-8?.. i can actually say this time :smiley:
…1-8 and its subversions remained as wip versions between this and the last release :slight_smile:


Hi, this is a map I’ve released 3 previous versions of, but not made a thread for yet, so just before I release the newest version (mk1-7) I thought I would make this thread.

This map, gm_drivingmap is the most complete map i have done (so far), as I have done quite a few others, but never finished them, and to be honest I will probably continue to add more to this one, as i generally enjoy working on it, albeit I’m still no pro, so this is far from perfect :slight_smile:

The map was orignally intended to provide a place to build and drive a car, hence the name, but since then I tried to broaden the appeal by making it into more of a build map too, but still somewhere good for cars.

oh and regarding the fps count in the screenshots… the computer i origninally started this on isnt too great, but it still ran fine on it… but for my latest version i am using my new computer… hence nicer fps, and different resolution images ^^

First off the nasty fullbright pictures from gm_drivingmap_mk1-2
top down

spawn room exit…a big building…a hangar with doors[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb][/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]

the off road area…racetrack…lower level[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb][/IMG_thumb] [iMG_thumb]

Next, gm_drivingmap_mk1-5 (dont ask me what happened to mk-3 to 4… or even 1 for that matter)

a few surface additions…lower bit…off road build platform
[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

And following shortly after that gm_drivingmap_mk1-6
3d skybox…surface…new underground cavern
[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

Now… My latest, and possibly prettiest version (no fullbright anymore, yay!)


surface view

build rooms at pit area

lower area

a big underground door on another build room

underground cavern looking (maybe a bit too) dark

(this is actually my first attempt at lighting such an area, but also trying to have it somewhat dark too)

finnaly… my custom billboard… in my own handwriting of course (and i took the photo of the clouds) :slight_smile:

Main features of the map (mk1-7)
[li]main focus toward driving/building
[/li][li]offroad area
[/li][li]car test area
[/li][li]multiple private build rooms
[/li][li]3d skybox (fairly simple, but still there)
[/li][li]big dark underground cavern
[/li][li]underground water area
[/li][li]areaportaled off spawn room
[/li][li]areaportals on EVERY door (lots of doors too)
[/li][li]teleporters from near spawn room
[/li][li]not fullbright
[/li][li]everything needed (hopefully) packed into bsp
[/li][li]optimised (as much as I could)
[/li][li]no noclip friendly

This is the map I’ve put the most effort into so far, and any criticism or comments would be greatly apreciated :slight_smile:


Remember, new update post can be found: by clicking this text :slight_smile:

You probably shouldn’t add so many pictures of the full bright one. You gave me the wrong idea at first.

Work on your displacements a bit, they seem too rough for any offroad vehicles.

I changed all the pictures of old versions to thumbnails, to shift attention to the big, new pics :slight_smile:


Too dark. Too small. Make the displacements more like boulder terrain. That way they do not look dumb and out of place.

Not detailed enough for my tastes, it wouldn’t be fun to drive in that.

Fire up Crysis, get into a vehicle and enjoy detail.

Other than that, nice map, I like it.

Fairly nice map, the “cliff” walls above your hangar or spawn room, needs to be a displacement, cliffs tend not to perfectly vertical in both directions :v:

if you add some elevation changes to the circuit, this map will be absolutely perfect.


that and some better lighting

Oh shit, what a fail on my behalf, “Vertical in both directions” Ha, you know what I meant, flat… :derp:

i downloaded

Gee that was constructive an important, glad you shared that with us, don’t download it, it’s a shitty edit.

it is?

Yup, it’s not even his map, he just done a terrible edit of it.

name of the original map?

OH FUCK! I’ve been posting in the wrong thread, sorry for arguing man, I was posting wrongly at this post.

Gee, thanks a lot. Next time look at the thread before posting.

I generally click on “1 New Post” or whatever, sorry for all that hassle man.

So, downloaded, installed and chucked it on the Rawr Build server.

My main, BIG problem with the map is lighting.

Its too damn dark in most areas. Its low level light on the ground, I think you should try for more like Excess_Construct level of lighting on the ground levels.

For the tunnel areas could do with being brighter and the underground … just running around in the dark. So more flood lights or even a switch to bring the lighting down or up (control room of sorts).

But yeah, lighting.

As for testing of cars. More rocks, LOTS more rocks. Throw some logs, trees, water sections in above ground and you are golden.