gm_enthalpy (ep2 puzzle-action sp map)

Gm_enthalpy is a singleplayer puzzle-action map for Half-Life 2: Episode Two. It also works in Garry’s Mod but HL2: ep2 is required for this map.




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Feedback is appreciated. I hope you all enjoy this map.

Looks pretty damn good and detailed.
Will try it in a moment.

I really like the outdoor lighting, looks very warm and sunny.

Miiga, I am a massive fan of your work.

This looks fantastic.

As soon as I get onto my other (better) PC, I’m gonna give this a go.

The outdoor scenes look really nice. Got my download.

Just brilliantly and well done, again.

How can I lag on this with the graphics all on low?

My computer is rather old and I optimized it well enough to run smoothly on it with high settings on 1280x720.

In other words, I have no idea.

Looks like a definite download once I get home.

I’ve seen you posting the WIP pics in the Map Pimpage thread, and I have to say, this looks like it is a definite improvement over those earlier builds.

The outdoor areas look very nice, but I really wish you’d do something different with the interior spaces of your map for a change.

Anybody missing textures in the outside area? I had someone just tell me that he’s missing two textures there.

What’s your specs?

uhh man thats fucking scary map :smiley:
But good. Will download when I will be bored .

Oh God yes, another map from you!


I also am missing a very tiny texture in the [sp]antlion battle[/sp] area. There are several of them around on the floor (click here for a picture). Not sure what that is.

Looks cool, I’ll try it.

Oh now I know which texture is missing. I’ll fix this.

I was using a decal that I didn’t even know was custom. I packed it in and reuploaded.

This map looks great! Good job as always.

Played it
Result: Loved.

I want you work in Valve.