main base:

small shed:

There’s more to see, so check it out:

and tell me what you think :slight_smile:
AKA constructive criticism!

(fps may be low on some parts of the map, I gotta fix the VIS on it)

Very Blocky and there doesn’t seem to be anything special about it.

You haven’t even downloaded it!

Blocky, repeating textures, lighting is good, nothing new.

Why epicness ? It’s a basic random construct map.

Nobody who has commented/rated here has downloaded it, do you actually think I’m blind or something? (12 downloads at this point)

Stop bitching about nothing, and actually come up with some good criticism.

Screenshots reveal the overall quality of the map.

yes, but do you think you can actually make a complete review and criticize on something just by looking at a picture of it?

Nope, but we can see how much detail you made. If there are more interesting architecture, or anything else worth looking at, then you should post more screenshots.
I’m not going to waste time, on loading that map judging by those screenshots.

This is just my opinion, which may differ from others.

i downloaded it… i dont like it much… very blocky and bare…

make it epic…


only good thing was the combine-ey areas

Well thanks for your “help” I’m glad that you’re slightly more reasonable than others.

But I was under the impression that this was sort of a developers community, but nobody has really shown me any support or suggestions for improvements thus far, just bitching at pictures and not giving me any kind of real feedback, I mean… I know it looks blocky, what am I supposed to do about it? start clipping all the prims or something?


alright, you I can work with :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to add more of the combine architecture and bases and add more variety, anything else you liked particularly?

Needs better and less-repetitive textures.
And it’s quite blocky, try adding some more detail.

On it, thank you :slight_smile:

what kind of detail would you suggest?

Needs more detail
needs less cruddy textures
needs something to give me a reason to download it.

What people have been saying is that there are already 20000 construct maps out there.
Why should we download just another of the masses?
Doesn’t have interesting architecture that makes it look appealing to the eye
Doesn’t have awesome functionality type stuff
Doesn’t even have blank spaces to build, or cool looking build assist stuffs.

So tell me
Should i download every single map that is posted in the release section?
I think not.
Should i download every single construct map ever made, and have 19990
fullbright, crappy maps taking up gigs and gigs of space on my hard drive?
I think not.
No offense, but there is a lot of room for improvement, and nothing to give me reason to download this

Can’t be said better.

okay okay, I’ll work on it, I’ll add a good construct piece, try to add some tools, make a fucking racetrack if I can, it does have functionality (working doors and secret areas, friendly turrets, and a mounted turret that sadly will never work, so I’ll take that out) It’s got HDR and a lightmap so it doesn’t hurt the eyes either.

what I want to say is, I want to make this the best it can be, but I need someone to give me feedback on the map, not on the picture, I’m already making improvements on the environment, architecture and functionality, but I don’t have much more to work with than “make it less shit”.

of course I can’t say it’s all bad, some people do give creative and constructive comments, and I try to work them in.

I don’t need to be a chef to know the soup tastes like shit.

but you at least had to have tasted it…


Alright, I made so many changes that it’s unplayable due to the fps, now my system is 2 years old, but still pretty high-end so I think I may just rebuild it entirely…

Time to learn optimization.

It might be confusing to begin with, and probably will forever be.

found the problem, it was the 2 direct lights in the map, they made my fps drop from a 100 to 17 lol, thanks though :slight_smile: