[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_excess_construct

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] Map of 5 areas connected by roads.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] gmod

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

The whole purpose of this map is to have an interesting construct environment that doesn’t look too terrible. There are five main areas connected to each other by a network of roads. These areas are blocked off from each other visually so peoples constructions in other zones will most likely not affect you directly. Map is complete with ground nodes, air nodes, and a 3D skybox.

Area 1
This area doesn’t really have a purpose. Infact I have no idea why it was made or what it could possibly be used for. If you find out, I’d like to know.

Area 2
The main part of the map, this is where you spawn. Towards the middle there’s a large city made mostly of empty buildings for making things in. Surrounding it are two different elevations of grassy area.

Area C
Area that connects the two elevations in a more subtle way. It’s mostly grass with a few buildings and a mediocre hill.

Area 4
A large lake with two floating places. One’s just a large platform for building on, the other one isn’t. Deep enough for underwater constructions.

Area 5
A small desert featuring my horrifying displacement work. A few sand buildings and a construction platform. It’s also in a big cloud of sand.

Other things of importance

-All custom content is packed in the .bsp file.
-All three garage doors are not affected by the physgun.
-The buttons in the obscure spa room are not meant to indicate it is an admin room of any sort. I just thought it’d be nice to have a button to permantently kill the sirens if someones being a nuisance.


Put contents of the .zip into your …/steamapps/garrysmod/ folder.

Skybox Fix (if you don’t have CSS installed)
(Updated 12/03/10)


Alternate Downloads: ( Updated 28/7/09 )


I forgot to explain the newsroom, here’s how it works. There’s two buttons, one will start a broadcast, the other will end it. The news can be viewed on the monitors in the storage room or any RT surface.

If you use some other RT surface, like the PHX TV model, chances are, you won’t be able to see props and such. This is due to visleafs, to fix it, I made small boxes (I call them receptors) you can move around, just put one near the TV and it will display everything.

Any player-made RT cameras will override the news cameras.

Extremely sexy :cheers:

Nice! It’s got some kind of HQ-Mobenix-feeling to it, especially with the different areas. Question, with ‘blocked off visually’, do you mean that every player only renders the area he is currently in and nothing else? If not, that would be good.


This thing needs more coverage. Although it’s a basic construct map, it’s one motherfucking fine one at that.

Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, - Do i need to continue? - sexy.

This map looks pretty sweet, i like the whole modern abstract art feel to some of the structures.

Holy s*** this has to be the most scrumtralescent map ever! Mapping king^infinity (sorry I just read the divide by 0 thread):bees: :bees: :bees:

This looks amazing. Mapping King’d. :slight_smile:

Very nice!

The place in the first pic and the desert area are perfect for roleplaying. Especially for small servers. And for build servers, its fucking awesome.

This is actually pretty good.

Yes, the only time it renders other areas is when you are looking through a tunnel, and even then it limits it to only what you see. Two areas are never fully rendered at the same time unless you’re outside the world.

Also, thanks everyone for all the praise.

At first I was like “not another construct map” then i saw the pics and was like :excited:

Nicely done map you have here. Would it happen to be AI Noded? Even if it is a construction map, some nodes would be nice. Anyways, awesome map, great job.

Wow… at first I thought this was gonna be another lame attempt to improve construct… until I saw that water area.
Very impressive! :smiley:

Even though this map is very awesome, I’m getting kinda of tired of these construct/flatgrass remakes, but this one beats them all. :q: :fap:

Very nice. Unique among the other construct flatgrass maps. That’s not sarcastic.

You’re a madman! A MADMAN!

It has a LIVE NEWSDESK FEED! :smiley:

Looks awesomely awesome.