[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_excess_island

[tab]Version:[/tab] Final

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Nothing extra


It’s been a while since I’ve released a map, but here it is, probably the last of the series. What you’re looking at is basically a combination of all the best aspects of my other maps. It’s pretty much a large concrete island packed full of passages, rooms, hallways, submerged tunnels, corridors, and whatever else you’d like to call a rectangular hole in a larger rectangle. It was designed with construct in mind, although I’ve been told that it would work well for rp. I’m creatively bankrupt, so I just ripped off the style of gm_construct like every other construct map ever and repeated a few old ideas.



Most buttons on the map for doors or whatever have wire inputs so they may be controlled with wiremod components. As always, there are plenty of secrets hidden around including that thing on the right, which actually does something this time.

I tend to develop my maps until something breaks and I can’t add any more. This is what has happened here, so this is the final version. However, I always welcome comments and suggestions on anything from style to layout since they help me with future projects. I’d like to give thanks to user lemming77 for a few decals and other textures he made for the map as well as everyone else who’s ever given me comments on my previous maps. Enjoy.

EDIT: You may decompile/edit/do whatever to this map as much as you want. This includes using and modifying any custom assets that are included. There is no need to ask for permission or to even credit me, but if you do something cool, I’m always interested in seeing how other people have improved on what I make.

Holy shit, that is brilliant. Nice work.

there is a wire box in a room with only string vlaue, what does it do?

This looks pretty nice. Lighting is a bit on the yellow side, but other than that it’s pretty good.

I love these gm_excess maps. Great job.

I must ask this, though: What’s up with the circular structure in the icon on the map? Was it a removed feature or what?

im betting thats the secret room where u go to when u solve the wire puzzel…i hope…getting mad here at this puzzel…brain hurt

And this is a perfect example of taking a good idea and developing it. Plus it looks nice too :slight_smile:

I’m going to go ahead and half apologize for this right now. This is actually the second version of the puzzle. I had to redesign it after five separate people failed to solve the first one. Unfortunately, I don’t think this one is any easier, so I’m interested to see if anyone will be able to find the answer even if it means you trying to reverse the code that checks the wire box. At least it’s fairly obvious when you solve it though:

Nope, this is actually in the map, just a bit difficult to get to.

ok so maybe its becouse im not from america but, i dont even get the number, or where to start, i i follow the arrows drawn they freeking loop!

This map its so sexy. But there is no news room? facesad.

driving me crazy FUUU can u jsut tell PLZ email me @

To be fair, you don’t deserve to get a solution if you behave like that.

i think your getting me wrong here, i love the map its an amzing one, its verry good for several RP builds becouse of the hiddenrooms and what not. built in jail and all that are some more bonuses. the only thing is that i have spent about 24 hours now trying to brake that code, wich is becoming really stressfull and agrovating. so no actuale bash or w/e just frustration :slight_smile:

Try harder.
Also, Fantastic map.

Is there any chance you could make the ocean a tad bigger? It’s a nice map but a little crowded for naval battles. Or have you reached some Hammer limit?

If you want a naval battle map, try harbor2ocean.

Naval battle maps usually have the open sea part in the middle, don’t they?

I have to admit that I’ve looked at the code, and it is not easy at all. Only getting one chance per game session (if I’m reading it correctly) doesn’t help at all.

Using these gadgets to perform decryption techniques too complex to explain, I finally managed to open the portal.

I’ve always liked the news room, never saw anyone use it though.

Right now the map is sitting at exactly the brush limit. It would still be possible to upscale it a bit, but that won’t be happening. Sorry.

You are not. You can try as many times as you want per session.

Hahaha, nice work. I love this.

What does that physbox puzzle thing do? It doesn’t have any notable properties nor mentioned in lua code. It doesn’t even get mentioned elsewhere in bsp.
Also, I broke that codelock. And by ‘breaking’ I mean I found non-intended solution that revolves around lua inability to calculate really big values. Sadly I don’t have wiremod now, so I can’t check the code by actually entering it, but lua part gives me positive on that one.
[Broken] Code:
Spoiler tag’d for people who want to figure that on their own. Also tell me if that doesn’t work, I’ll try to figure something out.
Anyway, this map is great for building and looks very nice. Keep up the good work!