remember that face api thing for the source engine? i think it would be amazing if someone were to port it to gmod.
this is a link to the guys site who made the original
he has some youtube vids of it working and has the source code on the site ready for download
i don’t even know if its possible to port this but i think it would be awesome :v:

I saw the videos on that a long time ago. Unfortunately faceAPI is a paid software so to make it you’d need to buy a license from them and be extremely skilled in lua and the Source SDK.

Let’s hope this gets made. :cheers:

Looks like it could be done but I think that if it could only Garry would be able to do it, as he has access to the gmod binaries.

And the money to pay for the API and hes probably the most skilled lua coder on the planet.

He’s not the most stilled Lua coder on the planet. That is definitely not true. haza55 is more like the most skilled Lua coder on the planet.



No Azuisleet.

Lol BaconBot.


Would be neat. FaceAPI + face-posing the player’s model.