gm_falcon 4

This is not a release, this is an upcoming map of mine.
Very soon to be finished. I am looking for feedback and ideas to help that release go successfully.

I make a lot of different maps, from zombie survival to giant skyscrapers, and gm_falcon is my building map.
It is very random, very creative and very experimental. I try my best to not make building maps boring and repetitive.

gm_falcon used to be called gm_elemental a long time ago, but it progressed and evolved gradually. It has always had Asian and military influences.
The idea of what’s above a secret military base in a dreamy world somewhere has always peaked my curiosity. The stone structures and rigid walls are great for Garry’s Mod builders.

I have had a lot of people asking me for a new version of this map, and they have been answered with the 4th release, but the main criticism I had was that there was not enough building space.
So what I’ve done is added as much land as possible. Still to come are architectural tweaks and a 3D skybox.


Let me know what you think.
It will likely be released in the next month.

The lighting is nice, but the brushwork doesn’t look right. It looks a bit messy, like you have used multiple architectural styles, so it looks a bit disjointed. As an example, in the 3rd image, you have multple doorway styles, from arches, to narrow rectagles to wide rectanges, and it doesn’t appear to mesh very well.

I am using many different architectural styles.
This map has been added to so much over the years that it has become a little messy.
But in that is has a story and a charm which does not leave you bored.
It is a canvas for any creativity I have, so the purpose of this map is seen within its messiness.

Once you walk through the level you will see how well it all flows together.
I will see what I can do in improving the architectural schematics.

Why would there be ivy growing on the extirior wall of a (seemly) abandoned building in the desert?

Edit: Unless its a huge beach

There is greenery in the desert. Actually quite a lot of it depending on where you go.
Anyway, it’s a dream world, not reality. The level its self is surreal art expressionism.

You need to tone down the light_environment, the map is way too bright. The sunlight is also way too orange, it needs to be more yellow.

Actually I’m using the preset light_env settings that Valve use for this sky.
The reason why it’s so bright is because of HDR. I am actually very comfortable with the lighting, but I will tone it down if other people say the same thing.


Both of them?
I’ll give that a go.

Also I’m having a little issue with the HDR when the light transition ‘clicks’ on and off when I look around, instead of fading on and off.

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Is everyone more comfortable with this lighting?

I actually liked the previous one better, but the other settings look good too. Whatever way you go with it it looks good regardless, to me anyway.

I liked the previous one better too, but I will go with the majority.
I’ll mess around with it some more.

Slowly getting there, but I’m having trouble getting the fog to look good: