gm_falcon version 4 preview

I said version 3 would be my final, but I missed working on it and lots of people commented on wanting more building space.
So here you have it! A preview of what I’ve been working on.

It’s not an ordinary building map, it has a lot of story and character which I try to put into all of my maps.

All I need to do is add a 3D skybox and fix it up a bit, it should be released in around a week.
It won’t be in HDR like the previous versions as not everyone can support it. I want it to be a level for anyone, so if anyone has any suggestions before release, please mention them.
As massive as it is, it only takes 7 minutes to compile, so there’s still a lot I can add to it.

(Version 3:

Try adding detail to the roof to break up the repetition, also find a btter sand texture, other than that it looks fine!

can we see up close though?

Maybe add a small lake or something, I know it looks kinda dry, but some oasis or something.
Otherwise looks good, I like the tree which destroyed the road.

Most of the up-close stuff you can see in the previous version.
It’s just that, but lots better. (:

The blocky style was based on old military bunkers, it’s not supposed to be really wavy and curvy, but I will tweak it a little bit to give it more personality.

There is already a lake in the dead center, but I’ll make another one for you. Lots bigger! (:

Oh, I didn’t see that :v:

But to break up the repetition of the roof, maybe these things that I can’t remember the name of right now. It’s those small metal boxes which take in air and blow it out in building. Vents? Air ducts?
Can’t remember, but there’s loads of them in cs_office.

Not even old style Military Bunkers are this blocky, but good job with everything else.

There are already some vents and air ducts on the roofs, but I will consider using that idea more so.

Here are some closer pics:

Firstly I said “based off” and there are many different kinds of military bunkers. Some more blocky than others.
But it won’t be difficult to curve everything more-so.

You do realize that when you compile with HDR, vrad runs twice right? It compiles once for LDR and once for HDR. Just because you compile a map for HDR, doesn’t mean it’s now unusable on machines that can’t run with HDR enabled, it just falls back to LDR lighting. The only downside to HDR lighting is it increases the size of the BSP.

I’m aware of that, what I mean is the skybox I use and the lighting settings would all be built for HDR instead of LDR.
The HDR skyboxes look terrible without HDR for example.

I’ve never had that problem, they usually look the exact same, just without the HDR dynamic light exposure stuff.

What I was expecting:

What I got :frowning:

Aww sorry. My map isn’t THAT bad.
Maybe I should rename it.

The map is pretty blocky and has annoying repetitive textures everywhere, you need to make stuff more interesting and less flat.

Working on it. (: You could have put it nicer though.
I suppose this map will take a lot longer than I thought, no one seems to like it.

Any more ideas while my compile time is still low? (:
I’m adding everything suggested.