Here’s a small, calming HD building map I made.



I’m working on making it brighter, bigger and with a 3D skybox.
So criticism and ideas appreciated for next version.


post more screenshots pls

That’s pretty much it, but I’ll take another.

Wow, This looks perfect for posing, Nice one. ^^

Thank you very much! Smiles
Any ideas on what I should improve?

Maybe make it bigger? Really, it only needs to be bigger and it would 100% perfect.

I love the overall design concept of it, kudos for that. (and this is just judging from your screenies)
Looks like it needs to be a bit bigger, and just need to be lighter in general, which you’re already working on. Still got my download though!

Lighting is weird, try adjusting the angle of the light source so that it comes from a higher angle.

The lighting is matched to the skybox, so if you want different light I’d need to change the texture.
This is my favourite one, but I’ll look into others for you.

Looks nice, although it looks good now it would look better if you used rounded pillars in some places instead of rectangular ones. Not saying it’s blocky, just needs some slight variety. Also would be better if it was a bit larger and different lighting. Overall, a fairly nice map, but could use slight improvement.

I’ve tried rounded pillars, but then it changes the style of the map completely, and I would have to make the whole level over realistic, and I’m going for a somewhat, dreamy anime feel.

Sorry for the double post. Site seems to be slow.

Wow. This looks very, very nice. :slight_smile:

Here’s a preview of the next version I’m working on. It’s going to be a lot bigger and brighter:

Beautiful and Simple, Very very nice!

I rate you box.

It’s really beautiful. But the only use of it i can think of is posing.