Here’s a link to my first/old version:

I’m now working on a second, and I need criticism and ideas to help me improve it.

I have a server up in Garry’s Mod sometimes, testing the map. Just search for “falcon” in the tags, and you should find it.
The map needs downloading from the server if you wish to join though. Episode 2 and HDR required.

Screenshot of new version:

Not bad, I like the lighting :slight_smile:

Thanks! I wanted to learn how to use HDR, so I built a map around it.
I could have used an env_tonemap_controller which gives it a realistic sun, but that’s not the kind of style I’m going for. So everything is perfected and thought through.

Very nice indeed, it’s got a peaceful feel-to-it. I like that. :slight_smile:

Thank you! That’s what I was going for.
Any ideas?

brilliant idea for a map in a first-person-shooter.

naa I like it.

I’m making a snow version too, because I can’t think of anymore ideas for the other