gm_fargrass "WIP"

This is basically my old map “gm_stargrass” redone, having the Stargate addon is no longer a must (there will be two versions, one with stargates and one without). It’s still a work in progress so please give me suggestions on how to improve the map.

Here are some screens (don’t mind that I took these screenshots in TF2):


The textures are horrific. What style are you going for?

Well I’m going for a very clean and simple look.

And for your response on the texture bit I will quote what you wrote in your own thread.

When i wrote that i was referencing the fact that i use certain default textures on walls, that people comment on, saying they are shit without giving any comments as to what they believe should be used instead. You textures are vomit green and dog shit brown. As i remember stargrass was quite a well done map, so i wonder why you have to follow up with something that looks like that. Unless you are colourblind…

That was my point by quoting you, but what do you suggest then? I felt like the textures was too repetitive in “gm_stargrass” to be honest, so I made my own custom textures.

If you use simplistic textures, either use dev, or some clean smooth versions that don’t look like they came from within someone…unless that is the effect you want.

Here’s the textures, so you get a closer look at them.

The grass one is too saturated.

I have to agree with you guys, looks a lot better with the grass less saturated and a light gray concrete texture.[/media]

Looks better, but the map needs some more brush work, otherwise it’ll look empty.

those grass textures need a little less brightness and you’ve got yourself a really cool HL2esque grass :smiley:

Thought of what you wrote and I decided to redo everything with a new style, mainly because my map didn’t want to run in gmod.

Tell me what you all think:

real nice


Its nice, good job on fixing the textures.

Wow, this looks a lot better than the original, and with custom textures and those models it would look excellent. I hope it’s released soon!

Could I get a DL on those textures? They look fantastic

Small update:


this went from zero to amazing