Just a little map I made for making Machinimas. It might come in handy, or it might not.

Anyways, here are some screenshots (HIGH-RES!):

Here is the download link:

Or, you can try this

looks nice and simple.

i wont be using it, but kudoes to you for making it.

I like the Left 4 Dead 2 Taco sign

It looks really grotty inside. Sometimes you can’t get away with using the worn, decrepit HL2 textures.

Pretty blocky and bland.

I am sorry but I can’t see blockyness at all. All of the corners on the bulding are rounded and there is a lot of detail put in.

The first picture is pretty blocky if you ask me.

Yeah I guess the buildings are a bit blocky.

All links and pictures are broke.

I can see the pics just fine, they are in high res so they take a while to load.
anywho nice map looks nice, maybe some more detailing on the buildings in first pic and put some clean textures in the taco place like corky said.

Awesome looking, may be great for machinima, also please next time remove HUD and Weapon:

r_drawviewmodel 0
sv_cheats 1
cl_drawhud 0

Major lack of detail, see a real fast food restaurant.