You vrs combine and antlions :smiley:

Youtube vid:

Fight off hords of antlions and combine with Alex, Barny and teamates. The only weapons are in a zombie infested basment so good luck with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Awsome noding, A map with both combine and antlions, A map with only combine, A map with only antlions and a map with nothing for messing around :smiley:

The assaults will keep looping and the onslaught never ends so just see how long you can survive for :smiley:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


lol ya, I posted this before you told me I was just about to fix it.
Thanks again thats really help full :v:

Outside is unnaturally dark. Lacks atmosphere. Needs a bit of polish.

grass on walls? never heard of that except the crawling vines

looks rather bland


You have some really nice map concepts, you just seem to lack decent lighting skills. Work on making the lighting decent and you’re already half way there.

Lighting is bland, try different colours of light

Some textures are misaligned/misoriented (mainly outside of house and railings, etc)

Hole in the roof looked like a cookie-cutter made it

Gameplay is rather dull (headcrab zombie hordes always suck; stick to at most four per “group”)

I really like the layout, but the overall map style is a bit blocky.

Additionally, I suggest not carving shapes into blocks to make holes in rooves.

Its become very apparent that I need to learn how to properly light a map :confused:

If you are using a light_environment, then the common mistake is to forget to change the pitch to anywhere between -75 and -90 for a day scene.

Here’s a page that will help you with just that:

Thats helps alot thanks :smiley:


My pc is messing up so I cant load any games without a crash so I can’t map right now :confused: