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You have to fill jaynes room with guns

I am making the assumption that the medbay is a work in progress so I wont comment too much, but definitely use something other than that metal grip-pattern texture.

Meh, I dunno.
I don’t like overusing one texture for everything.

Yes when I get around to making all the different bunks I will definitely add a wall full of guns in Jayne’s room.

Yes. Many of the current textures are temporary. When and where I can I will use existing textures. All of the rooms are still work in progress and I agree, the metal texture on the outside of teh medbay isn’t very good for walls like that. I will likely make some custom textures for where they are needed.

Thanks for the comments.

Alright, here are some small updates. I finished the layouts of most areas. the only ones left are the bunks, cockpit and passenger dorms.
these pictures are still very much work in progress. I made a quick texture for the cupboards in the kitchen/dining room and will likely make a lot more.

An overview of the map layout.[/thumb]

I added some more stuff in the common room. I think I got the basic layout down. It still needs a lot more detail though.

Basic layout for the engine room.

Hallway between the engine room and kitchen.

This excites me.
I love Firefly.

I love you beyond belief

I made some more progress. I added the cockpit and started working on the bunk layout. Though I don’t really have any detail in there yet.

Overview of the front of the ship.[/thumb]

The cockpit. Still pretty ugly though. I’ll probably have to make some more textures for some of the panels.

Basic layout of the hallway from the cockpit.

Another overview of the entire ship. I have most of the room layouts done except for the passenger dorms in the lower back next to the common room.

I’ve also started tweaking the lights a bit in the kitchen and cargobay.
[thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb] [thumb]

So I was thinking of maybe releasing several different versions of the map. Like a normal gm or maybe rp version. But I also wanted to look into maybe making a Murder and Prop Hunt game mode versions. However, I have no experience in making maps for such game modes. I can imagine a Prop hunt map needs a lot of physics props. But aside from that, I really don’t know what the requirements are for these game modes. So I was wondering if some of you guys could give me some tips one what I should or shouldn’t include in such game modes.

Anyway here’s some new previews. I’ve added a basic layout of the passenger dorms and continued polishing other areas.

The kitchen/dining room is coming along pretty nicely. I made a few custom textures. But I may need to add some more.[/thumb][thumb][/thumb]

I added custom textures for the walls of the cargobay so it’s much closer to what it looks like in the series. It’s subtle but it gives it a more authentic look. There’s still a number of details I need to add though.

I also added more details to the common room. Started to add the correct lights but not done yet.

And here’s a preview of the passenger dorms. This is still very WIP and the door textures are placeholder, so don’t mind those.

If you were thinking of releasing this for multiple gamemodes, I could imagine it being quite good for TTT as well unless you’re against that. It depends on the total size though and complexity of the layout.

I’m not agianst TTT as a game mode. I just thought it might be a little small for that game mode. the main problem is that I don’t know how to map for those game modes and can find any reference on what such a map should include in technical terms.

firefly is too small and linear for TTT. I’m not saying that to disparage your map, but thats just the nature of the firefly’s interior. TTT maps should have a fair amount of open space and multiple ways to get from point A to point B.

It will probably work nicely for Morbus if it has the following areas: Bathrooms, Showers, Kitchen, Bedrooms.

Would also be cool to be able to control the lights from somewhere. Very cool though, I love your work, and Firefly too. :smile:

More detailing, custom textures and lots of decals.

Flower decals![/thumb]

I added some interactive doors. They open when you get close and also on use.

The control panels still need textures, but otherwise the room is coming along nicely.


Added custom textures for the room doors. Though sadly. Because these rooms are at an angle, and not very big. It’s impossible to properly make these rooms accessable because of the way that Source player collision works. You’d get stuck on openings which you logically should be able to fit through. I had to keep the doors closed to prevent problems. So those rooms will sadly not be in the final map. But apart from those rooms, all areas from the series will be enterable.

And as a bonus. A picture of Jayne’s gun wall. Though it’s hard to find good refference for his bunk.


I’ve released the map on the Steam Workshop. you can check it out here:

I decided to start with releasing a Prop Hunt version. I may release other versions in the future. But no promisses though.