Here is my new map, released since 5 days ago.

Download here:

Do you REALLY feel the need to put your name in your maps name?

Why does this look like a lot of other maps I’ve seen?

Looks like the one from freespace.

So, you basically took the tower from Freespace and stuck it in a Construct edit.

Wow…useless map. Who would need a tower like that anyway?

I know, I never understood why people make just the frames. Its annoying and takes forever if your trying to actually make it into a tower.

Wait, WHAT?!

filth and stupidity.

no offence.

So…you took that building frame from freespace and stuck it in an edit of another map, then called it your own. OP, go and fuck yourself.

Go and fuck yourself… nobody of you marons have played this map, i only took the lowest part of this tower to get a idea. Then i put some other pylons in it.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - PLing))

The fact is you still plagarised someone else’s work.

Mh maybe i forgot to say tower from freespace. That i pimped :stuck_out_tongue: ?
Then the next time. soryy.


This map required absolutely no talent.

It’s literally a “ctrl + c + p” “ctrl +h” job.

Plagiarism. Learn the word. Then go and make your own map.

I hate frames.

This is like the 4th time I’ve used this image in as many days. :smug:

Ugh… This map is pointless and useless. Better remake it to another full bright no-downloading worth map

Wtf, we have freespace.