Flatgrass with a TF2 based Enviroment
Comes with a map icon
Very Big
Water Area
You need TF2 For this

one pic, no clicks.
Looks pretty:
No offense

It’s flatgrass… For TF2. Fail

If its your first.


If not


Ok,im probably the only one on this thread who loves this! To cool. Downloading.

Well if its your first, you probably shouldn’t release it unless you get good comments on it or if YOU think its good. This is simple and plain. I can make this in like 2 minutes(Really, i can.)
I just make a flat grass texture add the little platform, add some water, and get the skybox and name the skybox texture, and compile. Voila! Done.

It’s just a flatgrass with a fancy new sky. Shouldn’t of been posted.

It looks like another wave of un-original construct maps has just hit the Releases section.

Really. It’s just flatgrass using TF2-textures.

Added some more screens

The textures are incredibly repetitive.

Oh god is that fullbright?

No it isnt i added lighting

Here go learn .

And try to make something better that isn’t some dumb contruct map, We already have enough of them.

Also, who took a shit in the water? That stuff is way too brown.


the grass texture looks like vomit

Why is your water reflecting with the dev cubemap?

Bad lighting.

use a texture that blends in to each other

grass texture is too repetive