gm_flat_wet V2.0

A sandbox map i made.
Square footage is as big as the source will let me make it.
Map has an extremely large tower in it. Along with a really deep pit and a “swimming pool” in the center which is really deep.
SkyBox is as High as the source engine will let me make it.
(Mirror 1)
(Mirror 2)

Look mommy! I can use the brush tool!

Finally been waiting for a fullbright map like this liek forever!

Congratulations on your first 5 minute map! :bravo:
Really, you should improve on some things such as:
-Make it less blocky. Add some slopes or something.
-Put lights in the map for crying out loud. Do you see any other good maps with lighting like that?
-Put more effort in to it. Looks like you made this in 5 minutes. Add some details and more things then just a really deep “pool” and tower.

My eyes are bleeding now.
Please add lights, better brush work, more useful things… actually just delete the map and start over. You have like 10 brushes, no lights and no real use for this map besides another bad sandbox map to add the other 123130912380129309123 we have

We should have a list of all the fullbright maps that are in here, and add it to the list when someone posts one. So then we could just show them the list instead of repeating the same thing over and over again.


All in all its about 16 brushes.

I counted a possible total of 11.

Ya it looks like real would download again

flat_wet V2.0 ?
Omg I think these days maps get names more stupid and stupid.

Also if this is v2 , Then I am affraid to look at v1 if it exists.

Omg… it’s… beatiful!
I’ve been waiting for this kind of thing for sooooo long, thank god someone puts enough effort into hammer to create such a divine map. :smiley:

Omg wtf is that?!

:expressionless: a sandbox simalar to this ‘could’ be interesting. but this one is bland looking and the tower is a bit to much.

What the deuce

Tell me if I’m wrong - everyone on facepunch’s mapping section could make a map like this.

I don’t think I could make one this bad if I tried.



gm_flat_shit v2.0

Flat crap :.