Thought it was a cool concept. So i made it. :slight_smile:

-Custom Textures.
-Mixed spawn points (anti spamming)
-Full Hammer Grid

Impressive. But what’s the big hole for?

Just looks cool. And it’s fun to fly through and yeh.


Something different to.


To be honest. When I looked at name I thought it will be some blokcy, bland, usual crap. But this is actually amazing. And really fun to play probably. Anyways I am going to download it now. Just because I want to see it. Have a 1xArtistic

Why thank you good sir. :).

The tarmac texture looks awful, and the map needs a 3D-skybox.
You’re not your usual self, Xhizors.

Simple concept, simple execution. I like it :slight_smile:

I had this other map that was pretty cool but I gave up on it because vrad was always quiting itself. I could not get it to compile. The strange thing is I have easly got bigger maps to compile fine. I think valve have messed around with vrad reasonly and stuffed it up somewhere. But yeh it was a really cool map, spent like a week trying to get it working but with no sucess. So I just made this map lol.

You have that giant ring cutting the vis? No wonder vvis is crapping out, you’re lucky this compiled. For next time I recommend approximating that ring with an octagon, or with rectangular brushes, then cutting into the cylinder and fitting the rectangles inside (hard to describe, will draw a picture.) Then func_detail everything that has a surface that isn’t 90 or 45 degrees angled to the grid.

That said, excellent concept, dl’ing. For a version 2, I’d recommend having a building inside the thickness of the main ring (whether it’s a hangar or walkway or whatever,) and give it windows that look outside.

Yeh I created the the ring manualy? I pretty much did what you said I new that would be the only way to do it. But yeh thanks anyway. Oh and the other map was a tottaly different map all together. Vrad is being gay.

This map makes me want a bigger hammer grid for Episode 3 even more :frown:

Then we could at least have alot more space in just one single airport and maybe squeeze another smaller one in.

No offense, but could you please make a remake of this so it could look like an actual airport. Come on you’ve seen one before haven’t you?

Nice Xhizors, you always make nice maps.

i have nothing to say Here Because…

THIS MAP IS EPIC!. Artistic x1

I actually really like this concept, it’s extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing it, I’m downloading it. :dance:

Thanks guys or girls :slight_smile:

This map is proof you are a genius. Practically all “airport” maps are just massive roads that lead to a invisible wall, but this is brilliant! Thanks!

Thanks dude. Means alot!!!

Why is there water, isn’t this gm_flatgrass_airport?