Rather ugly.

Thanks for advice.

I’ll never give up. because this is my first map.

Its flat and has a ton of idiotic poses on it.

Tip 1: when taking images, do not include anything that is not on the map.
Tip 2: come up with a better idea that flatgrass or construct remakes. Gmod is flooded with them

Tip1- Thanks but you dont need to see them all. just pass them.
Tip2-This is not ‘new idea’ but its unique because i cant find like my map everywhere (proper size underground, proper walls, floor materials, used special trigger for optimize, soft sky, light, 141kb smaller than gm_flatgrass, and also water,.) if you found exactly like this map, its my fault.

if you feels bad, sorry and thanks for advice.

*p.s before i deleted my map from but i was think its not good idea. because will someone must be want my map with any reason.

good luck making it much better than what i see in the picks :slight_smile:

Tip 1- Seriously, all you need when taking images of your map is the map. Otherwise you are showing images which are not representing the map contents.
Tip 2- The idea is not unique. Adding an underground room to flatgrass does not make it unique. Come up with your own idea for once, instead of making flatgrass or construct remakes.

This message comes to you from the author of gm_descent, ls_sunken, rp_sanctuary, gm_mechnar and gm_submerged.

This release is a really good experience for me. I realize something. thanks to everyone. :slight_smile: if someone want to delete my release, tell me. i’ll delete it. (but i’ll keep use this map on my server xD)

Why do you have 4 useless pictures of people using their physguns on the ground?

Flatgrass remake #99872309174

People need to learn that flatgrass and construct remakes will not lead to mapping success.