i come from germany and my english is not so good, but i do my best !!!

I release my map gm_flatgrass_light_v3

Whats Better in this map ?

The Map have:

[release]—>No Performance Buggs, also i have fix it !!![/release]

[release]—>Better Spawn Point: The Spawn Point is round, and the height is not more 32 unit its 16 unit height !!![/release]

[release]—>Better Light the ambient is much better !!![/release]

[release]—>And The size is a little bit smaller as flatgrass but, this is better for the Performance much better !!![/release]

[release]—>And in the version 3 i have fix the shadow bug, the shadow is not more Yellow !!![/release]

I hope this version of flatgrass is for you a better alternate !!!

Have Fun and Play nice !!!

Here three pics:

Yay another 10sec flatgrass remix!

Flatgrass remake #6849871

smaller than flatgrass? i would play gm_construct rather, sorry

That grass repeats really badly.

There was a v1 and v2? Why are you releasing this stuff? If you want a flatgrass map, play flatgrass.

first my friend this is A BUGFIX version of flatgrass !!!
This map is ONLY a flatgrass Bugfix !!!

And why release v1 and v2 this is only the better verison also…!!! READ THE TEXT !!!


This map is a waste of space. Get an imagination and use hammer to it’s full potential. It is capable of creating underground lairs and planets, yet people like you use it to create and release things that we have no use for.

It is flatgrass with a circular base, i have seem much bigger and better versions of this knocking around.

Now, excuse me while i go and map my inner visions.

Wow i actualy like this map :smiley: , i normaly hate flatgrass remakes


OK this is a good post yes i have forget the no draw textur but this is v3 and not v4 ^^

i make a better version !

Please don’t. I don’t think you understood my post at all. So…in simple terms. Make something interesting. We do not need more flatgrass remakes.

Or construct maps as a whole.

There are areas where construct maps are lacking, of course i’m not going to let on where they are…work it out for yourself (you will need a mind like mine though)

Hey… if you really want people to respect your build map… Add some buildings and change it to Rp_Flatgrass_light_v1


Fail, i prefer to play on gm_fast_load by my friend, yea… 128x128x128 room :>

Dammit! Where’s the “fail” rating?! :v:

Anyways. I uhh…well, sorry to say it, but I could probably make this in LESS than 10 seconds (see above). Make it interesting! Do something that either 1) hasn’t been done before, if you can think of anything like that, or 2) hasn’t been done very often before.