This is Gm_flatgrass but the size of the grid. I decided that gm_flatgras isn’t big anough for me. This map contains a nuke building with a lockable door, nice bright sky, a shitload of building space. This version also has a shitload of height to it aswell…

Please Leave any bugs here, and ill get back to them…


Bleh…dev textures- in this case a sign of laziness. Nice idea, but i’m fairly sure it’s been done before so many times that it isn’t original.

Yeah this is what I was gonna say

looks good

I would have used normal textures…but i kind of had a problem choosing textures…so.

My whole texture list icons are black. All i can see is dev textures for some reason…

doesnt look the best, it could be whaaaay improved though.

Fairly bland and basic. It’s just another flatgrass remake really. But at least it isn’t fullbright like most of them.

You could have made some more small buildings dotted around, used displacements from time to time to add variety to the terrain and so much more.

How much bigger is it then the regular flatgrass?

this map uses the whole grid…i have no idea how much gm_flatgrass uses…

Flatgrass has less than a quarter of the grid unused.
basically, this map is flatgrass, but without cubemaps, with slightly better lighting, and some dev blocks

A server running this map will cry under all the physics calculations.

There’s a reason why Flatgrass is only a quarter the gridsize.

Flatgrass is already massive. how could you run out of space unless you spam citadels?

Not really worth releasing on FP. Please, release it on facepunch if it really is good. If its not that good, just release it in

I know, but i usally do. So if i dont it just bugs me…so yea.


I build airplanes and huge spaceships. And gm_flatgrass is shit when it comes to flying space…So i made this. :\