Its for xmas guyz
Pics :

I only like the skybox.

Don’t make flatgrass-style maps.

This would have to be called gm_flatsnow because I don’t think there is grass.


Wrong section?

yeah u totaly write

I’d be willing to say “looks pretty nice” if you’d just light the damn thing!

Actually, don’t make maps at all. :v:

hey guys someone should make a map like this with that skybox but with clups of grass sticking out of the ground where it’s started melting and mounds of snow

then take off that stupid spawn place and replease it with a snowy hill witch we could slide down

that would be a much better xmas map

good idiea

Man dude you got to shut up about people shouldn’t be mapping.

Oh you dirty whore :allears:

Acutally you can shut up

I would say this map was a good try

u cant make an omelet without break some eggs ya now

Who’s Mary Xmas?

The guy who gave birth to G-sus.

Yes… guy.

Add a x-mass tree :slight_smile:

NO! Add a Christmas tree

Flatgrass style?

This is is flatgrass.