gm_flatgrass_vietnam (first map)

Hey guys this is my first map for garry’s mod.

It’s a big flatgrass map with a vietnam style base in the middle on a hill.

Here are some screenies :


It’s not too bad I guess…

Not bad, it’s block and had eh lighting. But what is so hard about putting Released maps in the releases section?

It would have been a much better map if you didnt name it gm_flatgrass, giving a map the name flatgrass makes it instantly worse.

Also there isnt even grass in it lol.

It’s a first map but it’s not -that- bad compared to other crap.

I Think its great! Nice idea! Are you going to continue working on it?

I like the idea, and it’s pretty darn good for a first map, but the whole flatgrass thing is kinda stupid.

It’s either a crappy flatgrass map or a vietnam war map.

Making it both will put people off and waste space.

Pretty good for first map.

Really need to give it a better name than flatgrass.

As first maps go, this is one of the better ones.

Better than most “first maps” I’ve seen, keep on learnin’ and gettin’ better!

Thanks for the feedback everyone, i will be working on it and improve it and remove the flatgrass in my title next times, thanks again.

Do that.

There is no grass… There is no flat. Rename it.

Vietnam was anything but dirt. The country is either dense jungle, rice patty fields, or cities. If you want to keep the name add lots of trees and foliage, or change the name to something involving a desert.

That hill looks like a pile of pancakes.

We need more vietnam maps

I like the displacements, Nice first map.

Does this have nodes by any chance? It should.

At least around the base.