Sup, Walla here

A simple, but very effective remake of flatgrass and water.

Extensive Overlays
Non-default skybox


Simply extract (copy and paste) the “gm_flatgrass_watercenter.bsp” file to your garrysmod/garrysmod/maps folder
then run Garrysmod and launch!

Me! Design, Mapping, Release




Its blocky, it ruins a perfectly good map, and it is yet another flatgrass clone. It’s not even vaguely artistic.

It’s not original, but it’s clever. A good enough map, but I don’t imagine anyone will deliberately use it instead of flatgrass.

Basically everything IronPhoenix said. It’s been done 20,000 times, it’s outdated, poor lighting, bad brushwork, etc.


Also I do not see those “extensive overlays”? Try not to overuse overlays because it may cause problems.

We need to start “no more flatgrasses” -campaing!

Someone has a high opinion of themselves.

oh look another person who thinks their flatgrass remake is suitable to be released to a community of Gmod players, no flatgrass remake is suitable for release, stop making them we don’t like them nor do we use them.

IronPhoenix I copyied them off the comments section on the download link, if you could be bothered to even click on it…

That’s sarcasm.

I find it highly unlikely people like this map.

I like the structure… just not the fact that it is a flatgrass remake.

Nope…because you supplied such good images. I can tell a lot from a map from images.

I think you should get out of your ass before you make another release.

Yea, that was the base of the map, I was playing around and made the structure its self, not the water and flatgrass. I could not find any other situation or be bothered to put it into a complicated situation other than flatgrass,so that’s how it ended up in it’s boring surroundings, and yes they are boring…

Start being bothered. That is why the map looks so dull. Start putting time and effort into your maps and you will get quality out.

I do, I just didn’t happen to put as much into this.

Had to laugh at the quotes. Really though get some more experience in mapping, come up with an original idea for a map and be bothered and it might get you somewhere.

Then don’t release half arsed material.

You should remove those quotes from OP, makes you look like an selfish idiot.

Show your best work.