My first Garry’s Mod Map! :smiley:

Please tell me what you think about.

I hope you like it!

That maps looks good as first map.

It does. I would suggest putting pics on here too

seen better, seen worse

This is actually a good map for a first one.

Thanks :smiley:

Good for a first map or not, it’s pretty useless. Just another blocky and badly textured construct map. You shouldn’t really release your first map.

You know this would be better with a bit of overpowering HDR bloom.
Juuuust like this:

The lesson learned: Better texturing.

I argree, can some one close this theared? Still thanks for the tips and comments! The hammer editor is a really good tool, I’ll practice some more in future, so once I create a map which a theared deserves here! I hope you understand what I write, my engish is soo bad Thanks again :smiley:

For a first map, nice! Release-worthy? Heck no! If you wanna get tips and help to improve your map you should post in the Mapping section not in the Release section.

Well, atleast your attitude is in good condition. Keep practising!

Just work on the textures a little bit, the repeating windows on the outside look pretty simple and as if you didn’t want to take the time to add more. It’s a great concept, and the inside seems good, just the outside needs some work.