This is gm_flatgrasswater_v1 which is a map with flatgrass areas combined with water. This map has a two islands (flatgrass), a bridge to each island, and water
surrounding everything. I know there is already a gm_flatgrasswater but I didn’t like it that much so I decided to make one myself the way I would like it. I know this map is kinda of small so my next version will be larger. More information is in the Read Me file included.

Idea - Yaaweehoo
Mapping - NinjaDuck

(Yaaweehoo did not make this map, he made the map located here: , and I just made a new version of it).

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  1. Fullbright
  2. Undetailed
  3. Small
  4. Unoriginal
  5. Ugly
  6. Wrong section

Even the original one looks better than this.

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I’m not even gonna say it. I think you know what I’ll say.

No Leaks

no borders,
bad texturing,

next time dont rip my map and make it worse!
also if you have any questions for the original map ill be making a thread at some point.

Nice job asking for a permission :downs: