gm_flathouse_storm, my first actual map.

Well, this is my first map besides the ZM map I was working on (HD Crash)
Anyways here is the download:

And here are some screenshots.

If it is horrible tell me.
If not, than also tell me.


And yes, I know I forgot to turn on anti-aliasing.
I had to size it down :frowning:

I dunno but I fuckin love it, it’s awesome for LastStand

The lighting looks a little odd in some areas. And it needs a lot more detail all around. And we really don’t need another flatgrass with one addition, do we?


its not bad at all, but as said, we don’t need flatgrass variations.

i’ve seen worse…

This is a class map. Though I don’t see why there’s a random floating sofa next to the door lol.

Don’t post your first map. It’s shit.

Well, at least you are being honest.


Cannot un-see…

Well the map is not the greatest but at least you’re trying. Here’s a few thing that in my opinion would make your maps look better.

Things you did right:

  • The map isn’t full bright.
  • An attempt has been made to define light sources (e.g., the light entity is below a static prop of a light fixture).
  • Liberal use of props and models has been made.
  • The textures are aligned and appropriate to the surface (e.g., carpet on the ground wallpaper on the walls, no ugly combine metal everywhere, etc.).

Things you need to work on:

  • Lighting in general. Try spotlights bellow your light fixtures so it doesn’t look like it’s just lighting the ceiling. The lighting outside the building is too dark. Maybe add some other light sources outside or dial up the environment light some, (it might just be my personal aversion to dimly lit maps speaking though).
  • More interesting brushwork. Try to add things like frames around your windows. Also try to standardize your wall heights and the sizes of your windows and doors. Either use dev textures or compare then to valves models of doors and windows.
  • Landscape (something that many, including myself, struggle with). If you want flatgrass don’t put buildings in it. If you’re going for buildings then add some interesting terrain with displacements or streets or something. (When I released my first map it had pretty good brushwork and structures but the boring flat landscape killed it).

Anyhow that’s just my opinion. Others might have better advice.

Try to center the light and experiment, different settings and where the light is.

It’s a very good looking map for your first. Peoples first maps are way worse than this. Keep going.

Looks pretty good for a first map. Well done. By the way, try making a version 2 of the map, with some detail outside the house.