This is a fail, V2 will have effort.

This is literally 2 boxes and a skybox.

You get 100fps on Flatgrass? Get a better PC jeez.

But on a more serious note, this isn’t necessary…

I have a decent pc, but for some reason it runs gmod quite poorly.

Just curious, what’s your Specs?

2.4 GHZ Quad core
ATI Radeon 4670 512 mb
Windows vista.

That would explain the 100fps on flatgrass, mine are as follows:

3.2GHz Quad Core
ATI Radeon HD4650 1GB
Windows 7
Just to show off my Hardrives: 3TB XD


Saving up for an ATI Radeon HD5970

Ok, no need to brag, not everyone is as “Money Loaded” as you sphinxa. If you think 100fps is low you should see mine. Back on topic though: Its an OK map. Not good but not bad.

Nah I’m not money-loaded at all, I’m only 18, just have two jobs, one in retail, one in web-design, takes fucking ages to save money nowadays, but yes, the map, I prefer the look of it over gm_flatgrass, would play it, but I like grass, add something to seperate it from other flatgrass maps, underground, water, 3D Skybox, some buildings, stuff like that.

Some of those reasons would defeat the purpose of making it run faster, but maybe I’ll do the water and underground.

Well, if you want recognition you should really add something which makes your map stand out.

Ok, I’ll get started on v2 tonight, adding a bunch of new stuff. But, I’m still going to keep the dev textures for performance and cleanness.

Dev is cool anyways.

Is it noded for npcs?

Horrid map worse than flatgrass ban OP

I have a better computer than him. His is not good for today’s age.

This map is pointless.

Parts are quite cheap nowadays. If you know what you are doing, then upgrading really isn’t that hard.

Does anyone else support banning flatgrass replacements? We literally have hundreds.

I don’t mean banning the users, necessarily, just deleting any threads.

Absolutely. Infact this map is really shitty.


To blocky ( For the lols )

I would support banning the users.