Link (only on MU at the time, I can’t put it on as the upload keeps failing)

Hey all,
here is my own contribution to the gm_flatgrass remakes.

What is special about it ? Well you can customize it at any time using the control tower’s stuff :

-You can choose among 9 types of ground textures (grass, snow, sand, etc…) with 6 variations each. Once the selection is done, exit selection mode and hit the green Apply button and it will be displayed on the ground.

-The “no sky” red button replaces the skybox by the current ground texture (if you selected the empty white texture, welcome to the matrix…)

-You can spawn some trees :

-You can raise water at 3 levels.

-You can put on a glowing sun, rain, and snow.

-The map size is a 27648*27648 square (same as flatgrass) with 25088 height (3.5x flatgrass)

Now about the issues I met during the work…
-the footstep sound doesnt change.
-the water uses a cheap material, as analog water made the normal ones opaque.
-rain and snow didn’t reach my expectations, they are barely seen and can’t be more dense without crashing the compiler or the game itself.

Note :
-the bsp contains everything, that’s how a flat map reached a zip file of 14mb… sorry but you won’t need anything to run it.
-my steam name is Error4o4, or FLJC, the 504 here is due to others already being used.
-there is also a kind of launch pad on the roof, no real purpose, just wasn’t removed.

Give it a try.

It’s a nice idea, but it looks a bit bland and boring.


Great idea, but you should work on adding more stuff to the map as a whole, seen as it’s a build map. Maybe a 3d skybox with some nice details in it.

I’m no mapper, but it seems to me that it would be a feat to have a 3D skybox that worked with the changing terrain in this map.

He also did mention that this was just a flatgrass remake, and maybe it’s just me, but flatgrass isn’t all the detailed to begin with. So… technically this is an improvement.

I do like the idea here though.

Well, I for one like it.


I don’t think I’m willing to download it.

Improve on this more, it has potential.

Excellent concept, good first start. Improve the “blandness” it has.

Fantastic idea.

Like most said, nice idea, but needs improvement.

You could increase the texture size on the ground and rotate it about 15 degrees to iron out some of the tiling.

I hope atleast its noded.

This is a really good map, I think it’s perfect the way it is. Actually download it and check out all the things you can do, this map is perfect for setting up build scenes. I love the fact you can change whether, add trees, etc. It’s really well done.

Thanks all for the quick feedback and comments.

Aww… I forgot this. Added to future revision.
And I just tried to update it quickly but for some reason I can’t get the nodes to work correctly on the empty ground. So, it won’t be noded right now, sorry.

However I won’t be able to think about updating it for a week or two as I won’t be at home.

Feel free to post suggestions, I might use them later.


looks fairly decent, but the textures tile too much, consider increasing the size on the ground texture just a little bit.

and does it have cubemaps? props look wierd without them

Its a great idea, but a pretty bland execution.

First, good idea.
Second, Make it more orginal like giving it that touch of your finger.

Excellent idea, just not pretty enough, keep working on it and I’m sure it will be.

I was playing the map yesterday and its awsome. Nice job.

I agree with everyone, this idea is neat, but, it really lack some stuff around this map. More surrounding and such.

You sir have won

We have yet too many flatgrasses but this is bit better tham then, even lightning is booring, and i had to say, that i kinda like that tower.