As the description of the map says, it’s a construct/flatgrass hybrid with a hint of water.

Yes, it is a construct map. Mostly I made it to test my ability in hammer. The main purpose of this map is to allow people to build in a more flexible environment. The inspiration I had for this map are the users that often visit a server I admin on; They come on and spawn their boats then ask to go on a map with water. I figured that if I had a flatgrass map that had dynamic water, I could just change the water level for them so they could build their boats/ships and not have to wait for the server to reload.

This is my first official map and it meets everything I was going for… mostly. It features:

Dark underground
Moving water
Derma controls

Water at normal level

Water at lowest level

Water at highest level

Looking at construct from inside

Looking at construct from outside


Custom compass plates

Derma controls

Please only post helpful criticism. I’ll try to fix whatever bugs you can find.

Here’s your download:

Water ruined it, plus we already have too many flatgrass/construct_water_0001423492010_lol remakes…

Looks a bit uncomfortable to build in, but moving water seems nice.

How does the water seem nice, it’s a disgusting texture?

Moving water can only use cheap textures. That is why you need to distract the players attention from the water.

But yes, just another construct map. Imagination appears to be dead now.

Whats that? :downs:

Its true that construct and flatgrass remakes are common for first time map creators. Which is why you shouldn’t release them.


I have faith in you op.

I like the moving water feature

Personally I get tired of a map if I’m on it a lot. There are only like 3 good build maps. The rest are either too big for anyone to host on a server or too ugly.

I think the moving water is what separates this from typical flatgrass/construct hybrids. Work on the water texture a bit though. Good luck. :smile:

Hope you’re still working on replicating levels in hammer from other games as well.

I bet OP watched 3kliks moving water tutorial :doh:

He has a tutorial on that as well? :ohdear:
Still, I think the derma controls are neat, I would never be able to work out how its done.

Yeah be done a tutorial, sucks nut but whatever :downs:

I’ll send 3kliks a dead squid to pay him for that.

Please do. I hate him with a vengeance.

You and your dead squids. :confused:

At least he didn’t mention his stabbity :v:

My many stabbity!

Although, i have lost the coolest one. That makes me sad :frowning:

Oh nu, what was it like :saddowns:?