hi this is My Second Good maps i have Made i have take more time to create it. ScreenShot in the Link.

i have Create Gatespaner too Whit a Secret Gate in my island bug but this look Good try it.if You try it you win a Cookie :holy:

I Have use costum water texture. Is ine the Folder just Extract in garrysmods.try it and says if im good or not ^^

Yes Shadows Sucks i repair it in next version

Posibility you need Css for Skybox

Post some screenshots please.

i Have Upload ScreenShot you can View it in the Link

do you love It ?

i Cant Wait Post if you have tested and Tell me :slight_smile:

Its rather blocky, We have too many gm maps here now a days, Work on making an RP map or something. Other wise it is ok for a 2nd map but we have too many gm maps…

First off…it may be a good idea to work on English syntax or shove whatever language you do speak through a translator before you post here.

Secondly…your map is very basic, the brushwork is blocky and the displacements are spiky. On the plus side you have light. Unless the gm map is very original there is not much point releasing.

yore mape is s0 hax

It’s better than most early maps, but it still needs ALOT of work to be remotely good.

As said above, the key points you want to fix are:

-Blocky architecture
-Spiky displacements (Smooth down to something more realistic)
-Improve the lighting somewhat, give it a tint of yellow or orange
-Make your map more unique. Give it something that distinguishes it from others.

It’s a Flatgrass map.

This will never happen.

What the folks above said, and the water texture looks a tad strange, sort of like pockmarked ice.

Ok Tanks for you help im Addin House. my displacement is litle more Smooti and Add prop Static

I think you should make the light warmer, smooth the buildings and displacements a bit, and we’ll have a winner.