Edit: You need to type this in console in order to load the map:
r_hunkalloclightmaps 0

or else it will crash gmod. players of evocity may be familar with this.

Hello facepunch:) I just uploaded my new map.

Gm_floating_mountains is a gm_skylife and avatar inspired gmod map.

This is a beta so you can say what you want the final verson to include.

Youtube video:

Please post you requests here:

or please register and discuss on half life series fans forums



Skybox: Karatek�r

Custom Models: Foliage Pack

Wrong section.
Nvm, moved :stuck_out_tongue:
Map seems nice though.

First post updated.

No pics no clicks

Youtube video is about 6000 pictures, all set after each other in a chronological order to form a movie.

Also, the map idea is nice, but the lighting is very, very bland. Also, get some building in there, like wooden shacks and stuff. Or rubble, or fill it up a bit more.

Pic added.

And it has the word “beta” across it making the image pointless.

Pictures are on the download

The trees look messed up. The rock texture the grass is on looks weird, try raising the scale the texture is.

Lighting does seem kind of bland. The foliage looks odd, especially the LOD on them, make each side 2D.

Pic removedXD

Looks like a cool map :slight_smile:
But I agree with SweetSwifter, some buildings would be nice.

Needs HDR, but still looks good.

If I add hdr, the sun will be removed:P hdr is like a sun hidden behind the skys in the skybox.


What kind of buildings?:slight_smile:

Like abstract wooden shacks would be cool, misshapen ones, if not destroyed wooden shacks, some boulders around the place, try turning into a sky city sort of thing with old stone houses with thatch roofs and stone paths between them all, that’s what I imagine when looking at this map.

Nice idea! Ill see what I can come up with!

Marvellous, if you want some good reference images try looking up screen shots of Oblivion: Elder Scrolls, that game has some nice little villages.


Because I’m nice:

Cool pictures :stuck_out_tongue:
And the kind of buildings I’d like to see in:

-Small home like in the first picture of Oblivion
-Some sort of launching home that launches you to a different mountain :slight_smile:

I just say a wooden bridge between each island, if you got a custom skybox for this headstub it could be extremely sexy.

Ok. Based on the comments, ill have one map with houeses and one with no houses so people can have the map the way they want.

He has a custom skybox…