gm_Floatingworlds_3 banned from Workshop after update

When I updated the map a week ago, I apparently forgot to put in the .ain-file, causing the map to freeze for a few seconds on the first startup.
This caused the addon to throw errors and being banned from the workshop.
At least, I imagine that it went this way, since I couldn’t get any precise information about the ban. The map is also not listed on

When I had fixed the (assumed) problem, Steam support redirected me to, who remained responseless up to the present day.

Is there a way I can get the banned addon back online? A lot of people are already asking about it and I don’t want to re-upload it…

Here’s the link to the addon:

It was banned because of this

Although I agree that addons with a high amount of errors should be banned, I think there should be a 3-day warning system or something.

Why would you need 3 days to fix it? That was obviously erroring as soon as he uploaded it. It wasn’t a bug that you’d only find after messing about for ages.

If an addon isn’t damaging your game, but just merely crashing it I don’t see why it should be banned at all. Should just be marked broken. Rather have a good but broken map on Workshop than 50,000 dumb ragdoll poses and dupes.

I’m sorry for being a noob here, but it’s the first time I needed a lua-script to make the particles work, so forgive me if I don’t know the standard-procedure of handling lua-errors.

However, I removed the script from the workshop-file in order to restore its integrity.
I’ll re-implement it when I have some more time to do more testing.

For now, I’d be happy, if the addon would be enabled to the public again.
Is there a chance of that happening or do I need to re-upload the file?

Also, Matt’s idea was pretty good. I don’t know how much the workshop can be customised, since it’s probably hosted by Steam, but a little more user-friendliness for ‘broken’ addons would be desirable…

It’s meant as a warning. Like, “You have 3 days until your map is removed/banned from the workshop”. And besides, maybe it didn’t error on his computer?

Because an update broke it. Suddenly a few thousand people have bad copies and you expect him to fix it before the next time they open that map?

Reupload it, if it doesn’t error it wont be deleted.

I’m aware that I can reupload it anytime, but I’m still hoping there is a way, it can be re-enabled, so I won’t lose my 17k subscribers…

No it can’t sorry

I’m sorry but this is really stupid. Anybody can make mistakes and losing loads of subscribers and such is really buzzkilling, if anything. Banning should be either like temporary (lifted if updated or something) or there should be a warning system.

Yeah it sucks.

If it sucks, why not put changes into place to make it not suck?

Does it really matter? If they want the map again, they’ll look for it.

I suspect only Valve can modify the code of the Workshop.

Because maybe take five seconds to test your shit before publishing it?

Okay, i re-uploaded it.
Thanks for making things clear to me and again sorry for being a bloody lua-noob.

However, if Garry can’t get banned plugins back, why is he banning them in the first place?
It would be much easier just to set them to “private” and notify the user about it, so they can fix it and go public again when the errors are fixed.

Again, I don’t know what obligations Garry has to fulfill with Steam and what access he has to the interface, but the current system seems a little… suboptimal…

I’m banning them because people upload addons with shit in the lua autorun folder which errors - so even if they upload a map users get errors every time they start a game.

I’m going to get even harsher on errors in addons. I’ll probably automatically downrate, or unsubscribe from addons that cause errors.


Yes that is what I am saying. If GMod has errors they need to be fixed.