I know that the map has been online for… quite a while now, but I just consider it finished after the latest update, which added fully enterable buildings.
So here I am finally presenting gm_Floatingworlds_3:

Check my homepage for more screenshots

I’ve been working on this map for almost a year. Sadly, due to the engine limits, some already finished features had to be cut.
They’re documented together with the whole development-process in screenshots which you can find in my Steam-profile. Just show “oldest first” and start scrolling…
The map uses HL2-content only, since I made pretty much everything I needed myself. So if you don’t have GMod you can just get the map from my Homepage and play it in Half-life²

General features:

  • 5 different islands

  • A steampunk-city

  • All buildings enterable (~80 different rooms)

  • A cathedral

  • A castle

  • A lighthouse

  • Ruins of a forgotten civilisation

  • Waterfalls

  • Forest

  • A toggleable bridge (NPC’s use it too)

  • Huge airspace

  • A Farm with a windmill


  • AI:

  • Precise AI-noding (1000+ nodes)

  • Walking NPC’s will follow you almost verywhere (even roofs)

  • Jumpnodes (NPC’s will jump from ledges)

  • NPC’s seek cover

  • NPC’s break obstacles

  • Airnodes (inplemented but not yet working- next version will fix them…)

  • Custom Content:

  • More than 100 selfmade custom textures with normalmaps, emit- and blendmod-textures

  • Custom animated skybox

  • More than 30 custom models

  • Custom particle effects

Credits can be found here
Floatingworlds_3 on the Workshop
Floatingworlds_3 on my Homepage
Me on Steam

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project, you guys are awesome!

Why’s the sun have a very noticeable red glow but doesn’t give off any red light?

It’s the bloodvessels inside the human eye that reflect red when exposed to bright light.
A lot of games use that effect, but people always ask me about it all the time. Maybe I just overdid it a little…

Nice custom stuff on here.

Good looking normalmaps on the textures, nice colour combinations.

Some of the prop use is abit odd. The white marble + the horrific source pipes doesn’t look too great.
The vertex normals on your trees are messed up aswell.

Looks real nice though.

Add roots n stuff hanging from the bottom.
And little pink/magenta flowers.

You certainly did — it looks completely unnatural.

i take it you stare at the sun often?

Do the trees still overwrite the default ones?

Nope, but I sure as hell can notice when something looks off in a map. Keeping that glow so opaque is just going to cause players to go “why is there a red glow on the sun?”; they won’t “get it” and you’ll have to explain it to them.
At least tone it down — then it’ll look good.

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Oh yeah, have I mentioned that this map is awesome?

I installed your map months ago through workshop.
I Still have it installed despite it making all other Half-Life 2 rocks in other maps white. :v: (No idea why) Going to grab the update it and see if that fixes it.

Great work. Look forward to seeing more, I hope.

That happens because of the new workshop-structure, which seems to put all contents (here materials) from games and workshops into one big bowl and pick them blindfolded when loading maps.

The map just went out of beta when the Workshop was introduced and the standard-procedure of packing the textures into the map (which would have solved the issue) didn’t work anymore.

Changing everything now would take a huge amount of work, so I think I’ll just leave it with that (also, in my oppinion the new construct looks better with my trees). Garry probably had reasons to do it that way.
Sorry for the inconvenience…

Can you upload it to a site that isn’t workshop too? The trees and map are nice, but look out of place on maps.

You can also download it from here in addon-format, which won’t overwrite the default hl²-content…

Thanks, but just so you know the addon format is old. Needed to changed the “info.txt” to “addon.txt” No clue why it was even changed.

Okay, fixed the addon.txt.
Thanks for the heads-up :slight_smile:

Would you mind if gm_construct were to officially use your trees?


Not at all. I’d be honored :slight_smile:

i found there are some strange color dots on reflective objects, anyone have the same problem :o ?