[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_floodinvasion_v7

[tab]Version:[/tab] v7

[tab]Description:[/tab] A rooftop onslaught map with rising water, made better, fixed and updated.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] A fast computer and about 20 minutes of time

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

This is My latest version of gm_floodinvasion updated from v6 to v7. Rate the thread please.

As before, the idea of the map is to defend your self against npcs on top of buildings. And at the same time trying not to come in contact with the hungry leech water, as the buildings vanish below you.

In version 5 to 6 update I:
Fixed the skybox errors.
Fixed the spawners so they don’t overlap each other, causing massive lag.
Fixed the npcs so their corpses faid away, to prevent lag.
Fixed the prop textures applied on brushes.

Changed some of the textures on walls and floors.

Added doors in places where they should be in the spawn building.
Added 2 more tall buildings, and a hall way across two of them.
Added a turret to use.
Added more npc spawners at end to make it last longer.
Added supports to the bridge ways across the buildings.
Added more defence on all the building tops.
Added 2 more swep spawners.
Added some custom and half-life textures in places.
Added more windows.
Added a kitchen downstairs.
Added more items and ammo.
Added water in the skybox.
Added more ladders.

In version 6 to 7 update (latest) I:

Fixed the water hight in the 3d skybox.
Fixed the bug where triggers and items don’t work, and cause massive lag.
Fixed the texture errors.

Changed some textures on the buildings.
Changed some spawners and their timing.
Changed the spawners so each one only spawns one npc each.
Changed the spawn radius and moved the fast zombie spawners, in the lower levels up to the kitchen.
Changed the citizen models to rebels.
Changed all the Npc_makers to Npc_template_makers so no weapons drop and cause huge lag.

Added a spring bridge and another roof to go on, with some defence.
Added a stair way from the high lab building to the roof.
Added light props instead of overlay lights.
Added more defence up the top.
Added info_nodes in the spawn room so the rebels can get out.
Added a few more railings on the roof tops.
Added roads to the skybox.
Added more buildings to the skybox.
Added more roads to the map.

I think I covered it all. This version is really a bug fixer version so Don’t expect loads of new stuff.

There is still no way I can fix the gunships, because it’s not My fault.

There is a bug In Version6 though, IN version 7 its fixed. After a while when the water reaches a certain hight, you can’t pick up items and massive lag comes, some weapons also don’t work propperly. To fix this you need to remove all weapons and props. It don’t matter about removing the props, because there are not any when the water gets high enogh for the bug to start.

I didn’t update the screenshots because it’s not worth it.


Version 6 download
Rapidshare link:
Ihud link:

Version 7 download
Rapidshare link:
Filefront link:;5470020;;/fileinfo.html

Enjoy this as much as I did making and extending it. :slight_smile:

This will most likely be the last version, I am planning on making a new flood map from scratch.

Also can a moderator please update the name of this map to v7 on the coop release page please? I don’t know how to.

Woot woot! Good job, will try it out later.

I like it. :moore:

Nice. I like it too.

Nice, I’m gonna go try this out. I never could figure out how to start the onslaught on V5 :o. Heh. I’ll rate once I’ve tried it.

Press the button on the roof.

Ooh, yay! This one looks much better!

Fuck yeah!

This map rocks. Nice God.

It’s really really good.
Is it me, or does the leech water end after so far?
And what happened to the citizens in the spawn room? They seemed so nice, but then the water rose and they just vanished. :frowning:

The leech water only goes when there are too many weapons around the map,
Delete them and remove all props and it fixes it.

The citizens get eaten by the leeches.

Awesome map. I played this with you yesterday but sadly I missed most of it. I hope someone makes a server today hosting this.


An Update? Finnaly?! WOW! I love the V4. I just noticed V6. Never found V 5. Well, nice, downloading. You should work on that bug too.

Woot, v6 is out, and all the bugs are finally fixed (except for the items problem at the end, of course). I had to stick with v4, since v5 was a little worse in my opnion (no skybox and all that), but now I can play this. I will try this out tomorrow, but I think it deserves a five anyway.

Aww, they seemed nice. :frowning:
They didn’t seem to like leaving the room - was there an NPC clip in the door?

It’s to stop the zombies flooding (if u’ll excuse the analogy) the spawn room.

Can you stop the water? I played it online once, and the water was at the highest, so there was nowhere to go.

That’s about when you need to restart. A reset button would be kind of cool though, especially since no other onslaught map has one.

I don’t think you can stop func_water_analogue once it’s started.
Maybe set speed to 0, but other than that I have no ideas.


Actually, a DM map would be good if it featured this.