First and foremost, could you possibly assist with the issue of uploading this map to It seems there is now a file size limitation, which prevents me from hosting the map on the main site, and toybox (Thread)

Well here it is, Gm_flyingisles. After 9 weeks in development, hopefully it will have been worth the weight. This maps primary purpose is a build map for aeronautical vehicles, however it features numerous areas for other purposes. The idea for this map came around from the map gm_skylife, which was my main motivator and inspiration. If you use this map on your server, and would like your IP listed for advertising purposes, just ask, and I will add it to the list here.

Servers that host this map : (The wolfpack)

This map features :
8 Islands
3D Skybox
Full size in hammer grid (31,000,x31,000)
2 Songs by Ayreon
0 Gravity chamber
Teleporter with selectable destination
Episode 3 release button
Windmill Windmill for the land
The Lonely Island

Uses content from :
Left 4 Dead | 2
HL2 Ep2
Neo Tokyo
If you see error textures | models and you own the above mentioned games, ensure the games are mounted and that you’ve run them in the last month or so.**

**Download Links **(On my dropbox , Winrar or 7z needed ) : Map Download
Megaupload mirror

Pictures :

Credits for this map go out to :
Myself (IXIArblargIXI) : Brushwork, some materials, sounds, compiling and uploading
TopHATTWaffle : Numerous textures, support and criticism
Neo Tokyo Devs. : Models, materials and sounds
Valve : Engine, world editor, models materials and sounds
FPSBanana people : materials and models
Ayreon - Two songs used (Ride the comet, E=MC2)
Numerous friends : Testing, support, and criticism
Friends who helped (in no specific order):
Balto the Wolf Dog
DIAL 911
Mouldy Taco
Everybody else who I can’t remember off the top of my head

How to install :

  1. Open .zip after downloading
  2. Move .bsp file to your gmod/gmod/maps folder (All content is pak’d into the BSP)
  3. ???
  4. Profit.

As an added note, I would like to throw it out there that this map is not as complete as I would have liked for it to be. Due to an unfortunate turn of events (blue screen) my main hard drive with the proper VMF was corrupted, disallowing me from adding the few things left that I wanted to add (foliage, fix minor visual inconsistencies). Despite this, the map is fully functional, and complete to its fullest extent. Due to the hard drive malfunction, I will be incapable of ever expanding this map further (Specifically creating the new version with a full city under the main map).

Whoa, it looks great, I like the way that the skybox gives the entire map a “glowy” feel. Gonna try it out right now :slight_smile:


Alright, so I played it, the map is really well made and very aesthetically pleasing. There’s lots of detail given to everything as well. But for some reason music started playing and IDK what started it. There’s also a couple of missing textures that you may have forgotten to pack into the .bsp.

Great map!

Awesome map is awesome, and my server ( usually runs it

I love Aerodromes, so crunchy

These maps make my eyes feel like they’re having sex with one another.

I love your music, and the map is Awesome! Mapping King for you!

P.S. How do you start the other song? I can only find the button for Ride The Comet.

Sorry my PC gave up mate, but you’ve done a very sexy job
also, when I get that plane working, I invite you over again for the maiden flight :smiley:

Looks nice.

Only real cc i can give is the hdr seems a little over exposed to me.

That’s a beautiful skybox, but the displacements need a bit of work around the bottom of the isles. Otherwise, its very good. :smile:
I like the look of the hidden facility within the isle.

Ha, could the Windmill island be a reference to Feel Good Inc. ?

That secret lab thing in the waterfall reminded me of the secret lab from point lookout.
It was big, but it was less detail’ed.
Most of it was nice.

Good job mate!

If you’re speaking about the sun, that is because of the actual skybox texture. The sun in the texture is huge, and already bright looking.

Indeed it could. Back when I made a preview video of the map (specifically the windmill island) that is what I was referencing.

Thanks. I wish I could rework some things within the map, like I said its not as complete as I would have liked for it to be. If my HDD hadn’t been corrupted, or I had actually backed up the VMF prior, I would have been able to finish it 100%. 95% is as good as its going to get, sadly.

Strait down in noclip from the spawnpoint, Mathcat room located within the spawn island. Press use on a mathcat image.