Illegal Danish and I both requested a decent, believable forest construct map, so we’re getting some talent together to make a collaborative map!

JOIN TODAY! Reserve a region of the map by posting in this thread or PMing/IMing me, then download the dev kit with the map's VMF's and tree models.

Download the devkit:
these might help if you’re building temples (shameless self promotion):

You may reserve up to two sections of E or H at a time. 

These (relatively) small subdivisions are for mappers who don’t want to dedicate themselves to a major project, but want to contribute something small and quick.

Available Regions:

[li]Region A - [available][/li][li]Region B - [available][/li][li]Region C - n00bmuffin[/li][li]Region D - oskutin (he called it, pending reply)[/li][li]Region E Subdivisions[/li][list]
[li]E1 - [available][/li][li]E2 - [available][/li][li]E3 - [available][/li][li]E4 - [available][/li][li]E5 - [available][/li][li]E6 - [available][/li][li]E7 - [available][/li][li]E8 - [available][/li][/ul]
[li]Region F - Opti[/li][li]Region G - Firegod522[/li][li]Region H Subdivisions[/li][ul]
[li]H1 - [available][/li][li]H2 - [available][/li][li]H3 - [available][/li][li]H4 - [available][/li][li]H5 - Backwardsman[/li][li]H6 - ElectricSquid[/li][/ul]
[li]Region I - Chrisknyfe[/li][li]Region J - [available][/li][li]Skybox Region K - [available][/li][/list]

Rules & Guidelines for submissions:

[li]Make a forest! Fill it with trees, plants, rocks and things.[/li][li]No OIFY stuff (don’t be super obnoxious!)[/li][li]You can use Episode 2, CS:S content, and GMOD content.[/li][li]Try to maintain the displacement seams between the regions. The rest of the terrain is fair game.[/li][li]Custom models and textures are allowed, but don’t overdo it or we won’t be able to fit it under hammer’s limits.[/li][li]If you’re going to build above or beneath another region’s terrain, ask your neighbor first.[/li][li]Include an easter egg![/li]

Large Region Limits:

[li]819 brushes[/li][li]204 displacements (of any power, not included in brushes)[/li][li]102 cubemaps [/li][li]51 overlays [/li][/ul]

Small Region Limits:

[li]117 brushes[/li][li]29 displacements[/li][li]14 cubemaps [/li][li]7 overlays [/li][/ul]


Here’s the request thread:

What we’re aiming for:

[li]Optimized trees and tree clusters, so the forest can be thick w/o killing fps[/li][li]Hilly terrain & skybox, maybe set this forest in a valley or on the face of a mountain[/li][li]Shiny ponds[/li][li]Rich soundscapes[/li][li]Looks good from the air (hmmm…)[/li][/ul]

[li]ancient temples hidden among the trees, nothing too tall, that go underground[/li][li]lots of cool hidden easter eggs (hidden temple rooms, teleportation to weird places, shiny glowing treasures, possible gnome involvement)[/li][li]ground and air ai nodes[/li][/ul]

I’d love to help but one thing is strange… all those trees, did you add them for us to edit through? like cut the trees + paths etc etc?

help map

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I’d say it may be a little optimistic, but I suppose what you have sounds plausible.

You’ll have to get the balance between quality and FPS just right, which may be a little tricky.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to see an amazing map come of this.

Well, I’m thinking that Agent Cobra and I will do the terrain (?), lay out the basics, then we’ll start subdividing the map into parts for each person to edit. Plus, I’ll post the new trees on when I finish them so you can use them to fill in your area.

Be careful when making areas individually. From experience, it’s very easy to mess up where they join.

I love displacements, could I have any input on the actual terrain of this map?

Static props hardly cut down on FPS loss…
Seriously. I had 500 trees on a map and it ran fine.

Making massive areas with displacements is massive pain in the arse.

Yes, you can have an input on the terrain. Copy the map layout from OP and paint all over it with your ideas, or you can paste screenshots from hammer or hl2 with stuff you want to make.

We would give them the basic terrain, and define what seams they need to match. for the submission to be valid, they need to match their creation with the seam.

Here’s a quick question: is it possible to sew displacements of different sizes/power together? For instance, a displacement of power 3 1024 wide with two displacements, also power 3, each 512 units wide?

edit: hmmm… need to think through this more…

double edit: goddamnit getting tired of being a thread killer

Content Bump!

I’m finished with the efficient trees. These are the lower-poly / better LOD trees edited from tree_pine04. We can use these to make better forests. The pack includes two types of trees and two types of tree clusters (10 trees in a cluster.) If these lag like fuck, let me know and I’ll tone them down, because I don’t actually experience a lot of lag from forests, but I know others do.

No, it’s not. I think it would work with a power of 3 displacement 1024x1024 and a power of 2 displacement 512x512, but that’s not really very useful.

That was just an example, we’d probably be doing it on a larger scale, with 1024x1024 maybe even being the smaller size of displacement.

I take it you’ll add in areas from the books/movies?

Sounds Awesome!

Aw damnit, I totally forgot that the name was the name of Harry Potter’s forbidden forest. I came up with the name because I was thinking of the forbidden lands from SOTC. I dunno, maybe we can vote to rename the map but I like the name.

However, this is a collaborative map. I’m going to make the terrain in Terraingen, then separate the map into pieces for each mapper to make something with. I’ll post the region list sometime tomorrow. So Pops, you can include a spider’s cave if you choose to reserve a section.

In other news, Agent Cobra says he’s going to make a custom skybox for the map. Woot!

What time of day should it be set in though? :stuck_out_tongue:

Early evening.

Heres a quick little render I did, to give a kind of idea of what it would be like. Since there gonna be a massive cliff on one side, I took the liberty of adding a cloud layer below!
Well, that, and I hate texturing the ground in TG2.

The mountains would be on the side of the massive cliff of destiny


That… looks… almost real…

Will it be possible to fly above the cloud layer in a helicopter? That would let the players really appreciate the fantastic work you’ve done here! (and let them take shelter from players armed with RPGs!)

I want to see it in-game