gm_Forest - 2nd Anniversary Release

Ladies and gentlemen…it’s time to present you…The gm_Forest 2nd Anniversary Release! :smiley:

(there’s going to be a link when Garry fixes the shit he’s caused)

Anybody remember how 2 years ago on this same date, I released the first gm_Forest map, and in June 1st 2008, the sequel? This year, there won’t be a new map, but a great pack with all the 4 released gm_Forest maps on one.

The ZIP file also includes mapmenu-icons, a huge map, a bunch of readme files with trivia, list of bugs, hints and quests to do in the maps…and of course the teaser videos !!

GM_FOREST - The Original Map
by Stene
release date: June 1st 2007

This is the original gm_forest map, which was released into the GmodMappers forums on Friday, 1st of June, 2007. It features a huge forest with a river going between it, and it was originally based on a certain national forest in Finland. The work on the map began as early as January 2007. With many great custom models and a foggy atmossphere, it’s great on posing. The map has nothing special in it, even though it was one of the first forest-themed maps released to GMod.

by Stene
release date: December 1st 2007

Released half a year from the original gm_Forest, the gm_Winterforest map features the same forest in winter setting, but the size of the forest was increased, and there’s a couple of missions in the map. 1. Find 3 snowmen, 2. Find Santa’s hideout. The river in the map is frozen and is great to slide on with an airboat.

by Stene
release date: June 1st 2008

One year from the release of the first map, gm_Forest2008 came out. The forest, with mostly the same layot as before, is 50% bigger and now has a huge lake, a site with a crashed plane and lots of interesting things. Instead of taking place in a foggy and rainy morning, gm_Forest2008 is set in bright daylight with a cloudless sky.

by Stene & Oskutin
release date: Halloween 2008

gm_Horrorforest was released on Halloween and as the name already reveals, it’s set in a spooky and dark night. The map has many references to classic horrormovies with a hauntedhouse and graves all around the woods. The main objective in the map is to find as many references to different horrormovies as possible. The map is much more detailed than the former ones and has a little more bigger game area. You can also find WW2-era AA batteries from the woods.

Known bugs:**

  • When gm_Winterforest is loaded after playing gm_Forest, the texture on the huge rocks will not change, and they will appear covered in grass. This can be only fixed by quitting the game and then restarting, and playing gm_Winterforest.

  • In gm_Forest, some trees may look totally black when using certain graphic cards.

  • The sky in gm_Forest2008 has been reported to appear in purpleblack overlay in SOME graphics cards. The problem hasn’t been reported in nVidia GeForce series 6600GT, 6800GT or 9600GT models.

  • When GMod Bloom is on, gm_Winterforest will look overbright. Turn the Bloom off from the Q-menu to make it seem normal.

Most of the info I’ve written can be found in the ZIP file too. Also as I’ve told, links to the teasers of the maps too. Please, READ THE README FILES :slight_smile:

These maps are awesome :slight_smile:

Winterforest is the best.

Nice pack, I really like the winter themed one.

PreStorms (User made content reviewers and raters) are looking at em now!
We will post a review later!

They are all awesome.
But you said it also includes the folowing, except the main 4 maps, "Readme, Videos, etc etc, “Huge Map”. What exactly is that huge map?

It’s the overview of the gm_Horrorforest map, which is the most recent one. You can see the layot of the map there and stuff like that.

Not sure if this has been asked before, but is Ep2 required? I’m guessing it is, but I hope not…

Oh yeah, I forgot :stuck_out_tongue: Ep2 is required to run gm_Forest2008 and gm_Horrorforest, but the original map works with just HL2. I am not sure about gm_Winterforest, it does use some Ep2 effects but you should be able to run it in HL2 too.

On gm_Horrorforest i can hear a xen crystal emitting from a rock :downs:

Never seen horror forest, will download.

I think Winterforest is the best winter/snow themed map in all existence. I’ve spent hours posing various winter scenes on it.

Nice job on the maps.

These are pretty sweet.

Garry’s mod 10 is startin’ to look like Crysis more and more everyday. Fucking A++.

I loved all of them. And i still do :3 Great for some posing.

I liked the snow one so much I had to make a pose in it.

The winter ones crashes me =( (If it is any help, I am running DX8 for speed and glitch reasons and I am in Windowed mode)

Other ones are aweome, though!


OMG i just got an idea…hey does anyone know if that snowball swep is still around?

Dammit Filefront, what the fuck. It keeps telling me that only one connection to the server can be made. I’m not making multiple connections, so I don’t see what the damn problem is.

:saddowns: can someone please reupload?

Yeah, it is… Great idea… I’m getting mates to work on a map, just for snowfights!