gm_Forest Clearing

Well, here’s the release. I had to rush near the end because I’m leaving for a vacation in 1 day, but I hope you enjoy!


Very nice. I love it! Also, is there suppose to be water? :smile:

There is, it just looks strange in the screenshots.

oh my god :drool:

do you need anything? (aka ep2 or css or whatever) because this map looks boss

Looking at the trees and rocks, I would say it needs EP2, but the author may have put the models into the BSP.

Nope, sorry, you do need EP2 but that’s it.


Good work, the cliffs look kinda copy/paste/scale though, but thats just imo

=( i need ep2 D:

I thought this was released a while ago, like in '07 either just before or just after the OB update.

Nope, I dunno what you’re talking about.