Not long ago, I had a new idea in the development of a different type of construction map. I wanted to take the current gm_construct formula, and completely reinvent it in a more extreme and elaborate way than I have ever attempted so far. Gm_forest_construct is my brainchild, born from this idea.

This is version 1.2 of gm_forest_construct, with some improvements to the looks of the map. I wanted to create an original map, and after much thinking I came up with this idea - to integrate a gm_construct-like feel into a more realistic environment. Possibly one of the best things about the map is that only the boundary of the forest is restricted by player clips.

-gm_construct-ish building
-road going accross the map with a bridge underneath it
-a couple of dirt tracks
-trees, trees and more trees, each painstakingly positioned not to be floating above the ground

-Cubemaps (control reflective objects)
-Soundscapes (create background sounds to add to the atmosphere)
-HDR lighting with adjusted bloom and exposure
-Simple 3D skybox
-Optimized draw distances and some hint brushes, basically the map shouldn’t be too laggy if you have a decent GPU.
-Icon in the map gallery

Possible features for future version 2:
-Bunker/sewer tunnel system
-Map up to 4x larger
-More buildings, i.e; shacks, decrepid factory?
-More natural features such as lakes and rivers
-More detail (rocks and stuff?)
Requests/proposals for more new features are welcome

–==NEW FEATURES IN v1.2==–

-improved 3D skybox - hills and the road continues into the skybox and tunnels into the hills
-extended map boundary slightly to seamlessly fit to the 3D skybox
-removed the bunker entrance and room - it was useless (will still have the bunker in v2)
-smoothed out the paths so driving is less like doing so over dead bodies



Enjoy :slight_smile:

On the whole, construct maps are an utter waste of time. They take a perfectly alright map and clone it, adding tiny features like water, or an expanded space. They then call it gm_construct_shithole, and get away with it.

This is something refreshingly different. It may be using the construct theme, but it adds so much more than the average clone. Plus, it looks nice, which is a good touch.

Looks pretty good, actually. Like IronPhoenix I was expecting something worse when I read the title.
Shame it doesn’t say it is noded though, too few good maps are noded. :frown:
The horizon seems a bit too bright though, if you know what I mean. Otherwise, good work.

I’ve always loved the construct textures, because they remind me of when I got Garry’s Mod back in 2008.
Then I launch GMOD having no creativity.

This looks good though, apart from the obvious tree clipping, it isn’t an eyesore to look at like a lot of construct remakes and definitely looks like something I would play.

Looks pretty damn nice, but the bloom in the screenshots is raping my eyes, hopefully it’s just post processing.

I am begging you to make a night version quickly. i want to make a machinima with it and i need night to do that please!

But theres barely any room

Tiger, I invited you to my friends so I could privately give you a night version, but you just ignored the invite.

First of all, sorry for bumping this thread…

Second of all, where can I get this map?
(since is now down…)