Too yellowish sun and too much of repeating textures

Needs a little railroad.

Looks nice so far.

I could try and put one somewhere that loops. Could be placed in a tunnel and you’ll only see it on that bridge :v:

I’m so sick of seeing maps cordoned by cliff walls.

Try making custom cliffs with displacements, it looks so repetive

Pretty good, kinda small.

…again tone down color of sun, change skybox and add some 3D skybox

i got some problems with my source sdk for the time so when i’ll get it up again i will add some 3D skybox, make it bigger, and cliffs with displacements

Nice job so far, I’ll give it a download.

…and what you’ve done so far ?

i’ve stopped with this map, because of my new rp map i am making.

I don’t mean to bug you but didn’t you use the road pieces prefab v3?