[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gm_foresthouse_v0.2

[tab]Version:[/tab] 0.2

[tab]Description:[/tab] A house in the middle of the woods

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Episode 2, Half-life 2

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]


Many things needs to be done. Things like:
More shatterable glass
Nicer rock
Nicer water

Also, first map.

Also, C&C

Needs more props. other than that it is very nice.
Mapking for yee.


I wish my hammer was working, because i really want to get mapping again :frowning:

that is REALLY nice, mapking for you

I know. I just haven’t thought about what extra furniture i could use.

Well you could make some, use prop for different thing, like have a dinner table in the lounge or kitchen. Just use your imagination, maybe next time don’t make such big rooms.


Because the living room is massive and hardly anys pace is used, you could have sofas and make a flat screen tv on the wall, fill it with book cases and other objects.

God man, awesome discription. :4chan:

Awesome map too, especially like the physbox spawners, gives more freedom for editting the map without actually using props in-game.


nice. good map

Actually, it wasn’t meant to be that big, but when i started this, a week ago, i didn’t really know how big it was going to be.


The tv and book cases was a great idea!

Needs more zombie ghosts.
but still, nice map.

Make a couch, (in hammer) and make a small compartment for a remote underneeth the cushons, and when you press use on the remote the lights stutter and the tv shows a picture of the girl from the ring reaching towards the tv. then the tv goes black. then a voice shouts “behind you” and a burnt corpse appears for 3 seconds, then dissapears, sobbing. that would be so sweet.

Aw I though this was a re-make of that awesome JK2 map…

Lol flying trees…

Needs more detail and props. And some things are a bit blocky. You have an awesome lightning! But I think you can improve it much more. :wink:

I am sorry to tell you that the next version has a lot more props, and is a lot less blocky :frowning:

(Also, clickable thumbnails)

Lookin’ good. :3:

Well, it’s supposed to :3:

It’s better, but look at the last picture, is it normal a door is standing like than in a glass wall? need frames

Frames for the old man:

Wow looks alot better, i have to say if you keep improving on this it could be great.
I like the giant tv with Half Life on it, maybe ou could have it so that there is a button to change channels.


God dam it, i wish my hammer was working!!!.


Could it be because i don’t have EP2 that hammer isn’t working?

Or you could try and make a “The sims” style TV, you know, switching between 3 pictures in some weird order every 2 seconds. :v: