-gm_forestvalley 1.1-


After two months in making, I finally got to release this map of mine. It is my first PUBLISHED map, yet I have done
multiple other unpublished maps earlier.

Gm_forestvalley takes place in a rural area-in other words, in middle of nowhere. Alot like a typical Finnish countryside,
the map has a large forest mostly consisting of pines. The forest pretty much fills all the space not underwater, occupied by
a building or not cut down. More details in features section.

This map has been especially crafted for Garry’s Mod, and it is great for both sandbox and RPs. It originally had toggleable lights for
all houses, but due to increasing filesize they were cut. AI nodes couldn’t be made either, due to complexicity of the map.

A new version of the map was released in 9.17.2010. I apologize for late release, school has been taking most of my time lately. Well, here it is.

The night version for the map was released 9.27.2010.



  • A large map with free-roam style environment.
  • Authentic ambience-Taking place in early morning or late summer night, the lighning has been made to represent the
    time of day as well as possible.
    -Soundscape included-Hear the wind gust in the woods.
    -A large lake connecting to a river, deep enough for medium-sized boats.
    -Lots of locations:
    *3 rural homes, all unique and scattered around the map.
    *A large sawmill.
    *A scrapyard.
    *A small town, consisting of a church, a grocery store, a bar, a semi-detached house and two generic buildings for misc. needs.
    *A cemetery+a morgue.
    *2 road bridges.
    *An abandoned farm with a barn and a farmhouse.
    *4 building pads.
    +4 other buildings, such as garages, sheds etc.
    -A lot of flat road, for all your cruising needs. Tunnel included.
    -Map optimization-Fog has been added to reduce lag on all computers and the skybox has been built to reduce
    lightning errors and load times.
    -A map icon.
    -Installation guide.


-Added Changelog
-Several minor fixes:
*Fixed several misplaced trees/rocks
*Fixed an issue where soundscape sometimes stops playing
*Fixed some props with wrong prop type
*Fixed a small gap in the riverside house
-Removed fog due to popular request (NOTE: Still exists in night version, but with much greater distance)
-Smoothed out spiky and jagged displacements (yet I might have missed some)
-Fixed partially submerged objects not lightning properly
-Fixed floating building at the graveyard
-Fixed floating plank at the scrapyard
-Moved the building at the scrapyard down a bit so people can now actually walk inside
-Changed the lightning of the map so it is now much less darker
-Changed water texture (now significantly better looking)
-Updated map thumbnail
-Updated installation guide

Night version update
-Added a night version, HURR.




You are NOT allowed to modify, and/or repost, reupload, or use any part of this map
without permission. All infractions against this license will be reported as a map theft.

Thanks to following people for beta testing:
Drunk Driver
=(e)=™ AttemptedPants
[TD] Winnmp-Wolf

Thank you for downloading, constructive criticism is always welcome.

The fog looks very unnatural, displacements are quite spiky, and objects are very sharp. Needs more to be more subtle.

Screenshots or KGB arrest for lack of screenshots. :colbert:

You do know there are screenshots in the download and even in the OP right?

Eh, this map could’ve been alot better, but it seems like you took alot of shortcuts. The way I always check to see if my map is to look at other good maps, and if something on mine looks wrong compared to the others, I fix it immediately, no matter how hard. If you had done that, the fog would be less powerful, the displacements would be more subtle and it would’ve been a little easier too see in. I know it’s the night, but that doesn’t mean pitch black. However, it’s a good attempt, and I look forward to what you make in the future.

There aren’t any tags around then, and I’m far too lazy to click links in order to be convinced.

Thanks for your feedback, I’ve started working on fixes and changes based on your opinions. I will release version 1.1 as soon as I get a chance to.

Could you please either change the fog’s color to match the skybox, or change the skybox to match the fog? That was kind of a turn-off when I saw this originally.

Why is this town inside of a box?

Lose the fog and it might be half decent, but other than that, a “So-So” map…

I thought it was pretty decent, but yeah less spikey :D.

That is refreshing. To many times mappers fuss about critics. But your doing something based on what people are saying. Just have to say thank for for not being a douche.

  • Fix the fog, the colour and range looks unnatural. Make it a little more subtle.
  • Fix the cliffs and the skyline. like has been said before, it’s like it’s in a box. Make the displacements less jagged. Look at some mountains and hills for reference. A 3D skybox also wouldn’t go amiss.
  • Add detail to the buildings. Stuff like ornaments, roof and wall supports, gutters, closed windows etc.

Version 1.1 is now out. Full changelog and pictures of the new map can be found on the original post. Thanks again for your feedback, if you still have more of it-Go on and tell. I’m listening.

I see “=(e)=™ AttemptedPants” and I just facepalm for no reason.

Could it be the stereotype that they are a hacking childish lot :raise:?