Map: gm_fortwar_build
Date Realeased: July 15, 2010

My second map. Yes it is another build map… but it is actually somewhat unique. It includes 4 bases
on each corner of the map and is surrounded by water. It is good for either team against team (blue
against red) or 4 teams.Its great for
dogfights and ship fights. Only HL2 assets are used so EVERYONE with gmod can play :smiley:

The map include:
[li]Big hangar with lots of room and nice lighting
[/li][li]Observation deck
[/li][li]Fortress Islands
[/li][li]Big hangar entrance doors that can be opened and closed
[/li][li]A lot of water with a big skybox
[/li][li]Teleports from same team isles
[/li][li]Sunny LIghting
Tower Picture

Fortress Picture

More picks on

Thanks, have fun playing

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It looks about as good as i expected it to. As in, not that good at all. The environment looks drab and boring, not helped by the fact that your buildings are oversized and lack detail.

You have used floor textures on walls, your ladder hasn’t been lined up correctly, and you have random lighting with no source.

A huge step down from your first. It is almost as if you got lazy.

Listen to what IronPhoenix said, add much more detail to your structures. Add light sources, and have a much better texture choice next time.

i dont know what you mean by light source???

like a lamp is a source. putting random lighting anywhere dosent look good.

You should either change the fog to match the skybox color, or change the skybox to a solitary color matching the fog.