Hello, i am new at mapping but this is my first gmod horror map… remember that i am a beginner at mapping. yay my first release.


Any pictures?

Because no screenshots are in the OP, I provide:

Fullbright (I returned it on via mat_fullbright 1):

With fullbright turned off but light on:

One room (Spoilurrs):

Another (Spoilurrs):

Apologies if they aren’t…the greatest images.

Also, my view:

Work on the ‘scares’ a bit more, they were extremely simple and to be honest I didn’t actually jump. You could have made it so they walked into a lit room, lights off, and then things suddenly appear around the player with no exit. Look up here for any tutorials that might help you:

You may want to make it a bit more complex, but not too complex that it confuses your ability to work on it. Maybe have a ‘maze’ of rooms, maybe each with their own thing? To be honest, zombies on their own won’t scare a player when they walk around a corner, so maybe you should try something…atmospheric? Atmosphere can make even the funniest games scary, think Amnesia. If all the atmosphere noise wasn’t there, it would not be as scary as it looks.

  1. Your need images.
  2. Use a decent fileshare site, i don’t trust any written in a foreign language, especially without images.
  3. Sell the map, why should we download, what are the features etc.

That is a terrifying map. Four rooms…

We appreciate that you are new to mapping. But the general rule of thumb is never release your first ever map. Unless of course, it really stands out. This map, I’m afraid, does not. Keep mapping, we are all here to help if you get stuck. Why not map something your familiar with like your house/apartment. I would also suggest teaching yourself how to make custom materials. I hate seeing maps with stock textures and models, sometimes it’s OK if the map is based on the world of hl2. Also don’t get offended by negative comments/criticism, a lot of people here of a LOT of experience with source sdk. Anyway, keep up the good work. When you have something thread worthy by all means post it.

looks like one of those very first custom maps when hl2 was released in 2004

Hah. The link has decayed :v:
You used temporary file host.